Berg Doctor: “You have no complete control over your senses” – Andrea Gehard about Lynn’s relationship with Hans

Berg Doctor: "You have no complete control over your senses" - Andrea Gehard about Lynn's relationship with Hans

Lynn Kemper has now established a relationship and is now working with Hans Gruber. How does she do it, does she have a guilty conscience?

Andrea Gerhard: Only through Lynn Tudley: Her ex-boyfriend stopped her outside the door because she was holding a red hand with another woman. Now she is unmarried and free like a bird. A special situation where Lynn had to digest first. She is abandoned and injured and does not have complete control over her senses. That’s why she falls in love with Hans Gruber – without feeling bad at first, without worrying too much about Hans’ girlfriend and daughter. It will only come later when the situation is not easy for any of the parties involved. Of course, not for the law-abiding Mrs. Kemper.

How does the love between the two develop?

The two never end up in bed again. Lynn makes it clear to Hans that she does not want to be held responsible for leaving her family. But as in the case of emotions, it is easier said than done. She walks to Wilder Kaiser to get away from Hans and clean her head. Destiny wants it different: Lynn meets Hans of all people. I can reveal that both are behaving responsibly, but I recognize that emotions are involved, which keeps distance and does not make conflicts easier.

If Hans decides in favor of his family, will Lynn still have a place in Gruber-Hoff?

Liber has never enjoyed a seat at Gruberhof before. The question is whether she will be able to secure a position as a medical assistant above Bergd doctor training and as the new tenant of the apartment. Anyone who knows Lynn knows that she values ​​clear relationships and does not shy away from the consequences. Making a decision here is not easy for her. But Lynn finds a way out of the emotional chaos. Is she now looking for a new job that has blossomed in her personal life? Not an easy decision.

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