Bennett rugby, Lions try at Kingspan Stadium, but Ulster won 28-8

Bennett rugby, Lions try at Kingspan Stadium, but Ulster won 28-8

Ulster Rugby-Benetton Rugby is valid in the third round of the renewed United Rugby Championship. The men of Marco Bortolami will be on stage at Kingspan Stadium in Belfast for the first away match of the championship. Green, white and Irish won the first two days, expecting a very interesting match. In the first half, Lamaro and his teammates played a good game in the first fifteen minutes. Then they pay for the indiscipline. Neymar booked, and Ulster scored two goals in numerical dominance. The Irish also make a difference from the drive, and in the locker room we go 21-3 for the hosts. In the second half, the Lions fought and held on against the Irish. With a numerical dominance, Tavoyara signed a goal for the Green-Whites, but in the end Ulster won 28-8.

Match Chronicle

Belfast is a cool evening, with teams learning in the first few minutes. Ulster makes a dent in the rack until 7pm and the lions decide to go to the posts. Leonardo Marin scores from a central position and the green-whites score the first three points. The Irish connected in the five meters with a free kick for the high fight against Benoit. A goal in Ulster was canceled for an obstacle against Lamaroy from the Irish drive. It was still an achievement for the Ulstermans who were close to the goal, but a few steps away from the goal line Ivan Neymar sounded a foul whistle. 17 ‘Argentina Prop warns. Stein leaves to make room for Pasquale in the match. The guests thank the pack despite the small crowd, but Ulster pushes on the accelerator and goes to the goal with Gilroy, who was able to anticipate a high grip on Smith and thwart the hosts’ first attempt. The dock is transformed. Taking advantage of Irish numerical dominance, Doc signed on to his team’s second mark. The same scrum is converted in half and the ulcer is 14-3 at the top. With the return of Neymar we return to 15 vs 15. The green-whites paid for the lack of discipline, with the Irish still throwing five meters into the travis and breaking the herring on the third attempt. Dock is not wrong from the pitch. So the first half ends with Ulster leading 21-3.

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The recovery will start from Travor in place of Sani in Benaton. Ten minutes after the resumption, head coach Bortolami decides to replace Els, Neymar, Herbst and Lamaro with four men to replace Baravalle, Pasquale, Lazaroni and Negri. Lions need to aim at any cost and come close several times. Ulsterman defended them as much as he could, but they committed too many fouls and booked Hume. Braille finds Ratua Tavuyara from a five-meter nook, clearing and stamping the Lions ‘first half at 58′ on the right. Marin is not transformed. It was also Benvenutty’s Morris’ time in the last quarter of the race. The Benetton rugby scrum is excellent, but to the smallest detail the guests fail to develop a plot to re-block Ulster’s defense. So we return to numerical equality, and the people of McFarland are closing Doc’s double accounts. For the Irish, it ends at 28-8.

Marking: 7 ′ p. Marin, 22 ′ Meta Gilroy Tra. Free, 26 ′ meta free tr. Free, 34 ′ meta herring tr. Sow birth; 58 ′ Meta Taura, 77 ′ Meta Dock TR Dock.

Notes: 17 ‘yellow card to Evan Neymar (BEN), 57’ yellow card to James Hume (ULS). Transformations: Ulster Rugby 4/4 (Dock 4/4); Benetton Rugby 0/1 (Marin 0/1). Free Kicks: Benetton Rugby: 1/1 (Marin 1/1). Man of the Match: Dock (ULS).

Ulster Rugby: 15 Will Addison, 14 Craig Gilroy, 13 James Hume, 12 Stuart Moore, 11 Ethan McClaroy, 10 Billy Burns (40 ′ Mike Lori), 9 Nathan Dock (79 Dave Shanahan), 8 David McCain (64 ′ Sean Reidy). ), 7 Nick Timony, 6 Matt Rhea, 5 Sam Carter (c) (51 ′ Mick Kearney), 4 Alan O’Connor, 3 Tom O’Toole (54 ′ Rose Kane), 2 Rob Herring (69 Brad Roberts) , 1 Andrew Warwick (2 ല്ല Call Reed). A Disposition: 23 Ben Moxham. Head Coach: Dan McFarland.

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Bennett Rugby: Rhino Smith (15), Ruto Tavuyara (13), Marco Sanon (12), Tomso Benuenutti (61), Luka Moriscio (11), Lucardo Marin (10), Leonardo Marley (9), Bralam Stein (76) Pascual, 27 ′ Bram Stein, 71 ′ Lorenzo Canon), 7 Michel Lamaro (C) (49 ′ Sebastian Negri), 6 Giovanni Petinelli, 5 Federico Rusa, 4 Irne Herbst (49 ′ Marco Lazaroni), 3 വാൻ Ivan Neymar (49 Tiziano Pasquali), 2 Corniel Els (49 ′ Tomas Baravalle), 1 Federico Zani (40 ′ Cherif Traoré). Head Coach: Marco Bortolami.

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