Bennett and Lapidet inspired Northern Ireland to strengthen alliance

Bennett and Lapidet inspired Northern Ireland to strengthen alliance

Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett and Foreign Secretary Yer Lapid will travel to Northern Ireland to organize a delegation of leaders for a seminar on dialogue and conflict management so that they can learn the tools that will help prevent their alliance from collapsing.

The offices of Bennett (Yamina) and Lapid (Yash Atid), the prime ministers under the rotation agreement, recently asked Knesset leaders to join office managers and directors on a trip to Belfast. Strategic discussions organized by the Harvard International Negotiation Program, part of the University’s Institute of Negotiation Strategies, Wala News site reported Sunday.

A source within the alliance told the news site that the goal of the trip was to “gain practical tools for mediating and resolving disputes and differences.”

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“This alliance is very complex and requires constant discussions to maintain it, which we can learn from the Irish processes that lead to the daily life of the alliance,” the source said.

The Bennett and Lapid offices confirmed the details, sources said.

Bennett leads an alliance of eight ideologically different parties from the left, center and right sections of Israeli politics, united by the common goal of overthrowing the previous government. In Knesset, the government has the lowest majority, with only 61 seats out of 120.

The choice of venue for the proposed seminar will allow participants to learn from decades of experience of conflict between the UK-aligned unions in Northern Ireland and the rival nationalists who want the region to join independent Ireland. Good Friday Agreement – A Peace Accord – signed in 1998.

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While in Ireland, the news site reported that delegates would meet with key figures in the settlement agreement that ended the country’s armed conflict.

The trip is scheduled for early May, although coalition leaders have not yet responded to a request to attend, although the trip is in the planning stages. It will be funded by Harvard but will require the permission of Knesset’s legal adviser.

The Knesset Ethics Committee, which normally approves such trips, has not met since December 2020. Attempts by Knesset Speaker Mickey Levy to convene the committee last year were thwarted by opposition lawmakers.

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