Benetton rugby, no fans in Monigo against Connach

Benetton rugby, no fans in Monigo against Connach

The Ministry of Health will not be okay with the decisive match of the Rainbow Cup: the club notes that it is “extremely regrettable”

Treviso. Ice shower: The Ministry of Health has yet to allow humiliation in the excitement of Benetton fans preparing to travel to Monigo at 6.15pm on Saturday to enjoy the main game of the Rainbow Cup against Conach. This is tantamount to a no: it will be delayed even if the permit arrives today. In fact, to allow access to a thousand people, the organization needed more than three days.

Despite the urgency and strong will to welcome the fans back, Benetton took it into account and did nothing to hide his disappointment.

The President of Leoni Amerino Satta is especially sorry: ആരംഭിച്ച Our request started last week but we have not received any suggestion from the government so we do not have to give up any technical hours. I’m so sorry, we never needed people in the stadium like we do now. Why football, basketball, tennis Yes, no rugby? True truth I do not want others to enter into the qualifications of why we did not. Like Minister Sporanza who does not consider opening the door to Monigo. Unfortunately nothing can be done, it is too late.

Perhaps Bennett-Conach was not considered a significant enough event to make concessions. A I do not know what the criteria are for determining whether one sporting event is more or less important than the others. We care about this, sorry, but it’s not up to us.

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There will be no exceptions from June 1st. Rainbow Final 19 will be officially announced in Monigo. We’ll see what legislation comes into force: based on what they tell us, Benetton will do everything possible to allow fans to take part in the final. It is clear that the write-off on Saturday was important to us, and we will wait until next week to see which restrictions will take effect.

Anyway, even without the fans, it will take Bennett determined to do everything on Saturday. “It simply came to our notice then. This is a match that is practically worth the final, the last, the match against Osprey, which will face a certain ranking situation. After all, the team will have to think about beating Konach.

Italian referee Gianluca Gnechi was appointed in the ninth presence for the match against the Irish at 6.15pm in Monigo. One of the helpers will be Marius Mitria.

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