Benetton Rugby: Formation in front of Conach

Preparations for the match against Konach

Bennett Rugby will face Guinness tomorrow in the 13th round of Guinness World Records PRO14 2020/2021 For the sixth home game of the tournament, the Lions will face Conach, who have won seven of their twelve games, from their home win over Cardiff last weekend. Irish are second in Conference B with 37 tokens and green and white are sixth in the same group.

There have been 18 previous matches in the history of the Celtic Championship, in which Benetton has won 4 times against Rugby Connach, with 13 wins and a draw for the guests.

The formation of the match against Connach was written by head coach Kieran Crowley and the extended triangle was chosen in view of the 14 Lions and other injured players committed to Italy for the Six Nations 2021. Jayden Howard At the extreme, the wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion Angelo Esposito On the left Leonardo Sarto. Is in the middle Joaquin Rira e Luke Morrissey. Starting unedited median from Eduardo Padovani Soukram is controlled by the captain DeWald Downage.
In the front row the Argentine pylons are fastened to the meli pack Thomas Gallo e Ivan Neymar, With Hooker Corneal Ls. Both South Africans re-enter the engine room Irné Autumn e Eli Sniman. The pack was completed with the young third row formed by the flankers David Ruggery e Manuel Suliani. No. 8 Forward Department closes Ricardo Favretto.

Zac Nierchow and Ratua Tavaiyara return to the bench, and Thomas Barvalle will register his fiftieth presence in green and white if he enters the arena.

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Benetton rugby training

15 Jayden Howard (115),
14 Angelo Esposito (95),
13 Joaquin Riera (11),
12 Luke Morrissey (81),
11 Leonardo Sarto (14),
10 Eduardo Padovani (4),
9 DeWalt Downage (c) (46),
8 Ricardo Favretto (8),
7 Manuel Suliani (8),
6 David Ruggery (2),
5 Eli Sniman (21),
4 Irne Herbst (54),
3 Ivan Neymar (6),
2 corneal elbows (2),
1 Thomas Gallo (6).

Available: 16 Tomas Baravalle (49), 17 Nicola Quaglio (59), 18 Zack Nierchaou (1), 19 Matteo Canali (2), 20 Giovanni Petinelli (43), 21 Alberto Sagarbi (245), 22 Luka Petrosi (14) , 23 Rathua Thavayara (38).
* Benetton rugby appears in brackets
Head Coach: Kieran Crowley.

not available: Tomaso Allen, Marco Barbini, Kalam Braley (national), Ignacio Brex (national), Niccol ക Canon (national), Matteo Droody, Hem Fivera, Simon Ferrari, Paulo Garbici (national), To Halafihi, Monte Eon (national) (National), Marco Lazaroni (National), Gianmarco Lucci (National), Sebastian Negri (National), Marco Riccioni (National), Federico Rusa (National), Bram Stein, Luka Sperandio (National), Cherif Trora (National), Federico Sani, Marco Sanon (National).

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