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Benetton returns to Monigo with Munster in search of his first happiness

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Bennett Rugby is expected to advance to the fifth round of the Guinness World Records PRO14 2020/2021 on Saturday afternoon (kick-off at 18.00)., This is the home match against Munster in November. Kieran Crowley’s troupe returns to action after a two – week break from the Challenge Cup. The green and white, which refers to the derby against Zebrek, who played in Parma on Saturday 9 January, is not yet free in the current edition of the Celtic Championship, the main performance that will try to give life to Monigo against the Irish. For the fifth game within the friendly walls of the championship, the Lions will face the Red Army, with eight wins and two defeats in ten games, coming last against Leinster last weekend. With 38 tokens, Munster is currently ahead in Conference B, the same grouping with 4 points green and white in the rankings.

In the history of the Celtic Championship, Benetton Rugby has beaten Munster 3 times in the previous 17 matches, with 14 wins in favor of the Irish. Italian referee Andrea Piardi and Italian assistants Federico Vedovelli and Matteo Liparini will officiate tomorrow’s match. Italian Alan Falcone at TMO. Kieran Crowley and the coaching staff are in 11th place in the competition against the Irish in terms of the various availability of training. Guinness Six Nations 2021 and other injured players are valid in the 11 Lions’ deal with Italugbi to prepare for the match between Italy and France in early February. So, tomorrow’s green-and-white head coach is made up of an intensity that includes a large triangle Jayden Howard, while the wings will be Angelo Esposito on the right and Tomaso Benoventi on the left. In the middle are Joaquin Riera and Nacho Brex. The median for the opening is led by Tomaso Allen, while the keys to the scrum are handled by Braille for a long time.

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Thomas Gallo and Marco Riccioni, returning from injury, fasten the scrum pack in the front row, while hooker Tomas Baravalle. Irne Herbst and Federico Russa in the engine room. The pack consolidates into a third line, now formed by captains Marco Barbini and Manuel Zuliani. No. 8 Tova Halafihi Forwards Department closes.

Corneal Els is ready to make his debut on the bench in white and green.

Benetton Rugby:

15 Jayden Howard (113),

14 Angelo Esposito (93),

13 Joaquin Riera (9),

12 Ignacio Brex (38),

11 Thomas Benvenutty (114),

10 Thomas Allen (59),

9 Season Braley (9),

8 To Halafihi (31),

7 Manuel Suliani (6),

6 Marco Barbini (c) (101),

5 Federico Rusa (62),

4 Irne Herbst (52),

3 Marco Riccioni (32),

2 Tomas Baravalle (47),

1 Thomas Gallo (4).

Available: 16 Corneal Ls, 17 Nicola Quaglio (57), 18 Ticiano Pascuali (79), 19 Eli Sniman (19), 20 Giovanni Petinelli (41), 21 Alberto Sagarbi (243), 22 Luka Petrosi (13), 23 Leonardo Sarto (12).

* Benetton appears in rugby brackets

Head Coach: Kieran Crowley.

Not Available: Derrick Appiah, Niccol ക Cannon (National), DeWalt Dwaynez, Matteo Trudeau, Hem Five, Ricardo Favretto (National), Simon Ferrari, Paulo Garbici (National), Monty Eon (National), Michel Lamaro (National), Marco Lazaroni (national), Gianmarco Lucci (national), Zac Niercho, Sebastian Negri (national), Eduardo Padovani, Luka Sperantio (national), Bram Stein, Ratua Tavara, Sheriff Trora (national), Federico Sani (national) .

Referee: Andrea Piardi (FIR)

Assistants: Federico Vedovelli (FIR), Matteo Liparini (FIR).

TMO: Alan Falzon (FIR).

Live – Live on DAZN by following the text on the official official Bennett Rugby Twitter page with the hashtag #BENvMUN or downloading the L official Lions app

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