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Prinz Harry, Herzogin Meghan und der kleine Archie im September 2019. Foto: imago images/PA Images

Prince Harry, Duchess Megan and Little Archie in September 2019. Photo: Imago Images / PA Images

Is Duchess Megan’s upcoming children’s book “The Bench” a Robbery? This is what the author, who is considered to be the original, says about it.

On June 8, Duchess Megan, 39, will publish her first children’s book, The Bench. However, shortly after the book was announced, there were rumors on the internet that the whole thing was a robbery of another story. Author Corinne Averis and illustrator Gabriel Alboroso have been speculated on the net for using “The Boy on the Bench” by Megan.

Averis was soon forced to side with Megan. You have read the description and part of “The Bench”, “This is not the same story or the same purpose as ‘The Boy on the Bench'”. The author explained on Twitter. “I see no similarities.”

That’s Megan’s children’s book

“The Bench” is Megan’s first children’s book. Inspired by her relationship with her husband Prince Harry, 36, daughter Archie, she will be celebrating her second birthday on May 6th. Random Public Publishing H.S. His homepage explains other thingsThe book shows the “special relationship between father and son through the eyes of the mother.”

‘Bench’ started a poem I wrote for my husband on Father’s Day, a month after Archie was born. This poem has become a story to be considered in a children’s book. The illustrations are by Christian Robinson, 34. The book will first appear in the USA, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, India and South Africa.

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