Benaton Treviso is the poker of victories over Conach – OA Sport

Benaton Treviso is the poker of victories over Conach - OA Sport

Four wins, now only Swansea Osprey between Benetton Treviso and the final of the Rainbow Cup 2021. Against Conach it was not an easy match for Monigo, but a strong scrum, very active front-quarter and Irish indiscriminate value for winning the green and white.

Connach got off to a great start within a minute of Buckley’s injury, but also scored a free kick, which soon put the Irish ahead in the 5m at Treviso. The following mall Shane Delahund leads the packet and goal to lead the Galway boys 7-0. But Treviso’s response is coming soon. First a five-sided football, which leads Benetton to the offensive stage, followed by a ball that Garbici releases in an amazing manner. Nacho Brex goes flying and smashes the flag and moves to 5-7 at 5 ‘. Crowley’s team insists, however, that the ball, which was snatched by the Irish in the 5m, flies through a very long counterattack, which is carried to the offensive 5m and won in favor of a free kick. In reality, however, Treviso did not save anything.

Treviso tries to make a difference with Schroeder, bringing it to 22 on a free-kick, still with a Connach Foul and Paulo Garbisi going on the pitch, but hitting a sensational double post and the ball and making a new Irish mistake. This time the infallible blue number is 10 and Benetton is 8-7 ahead of 25.. However, Biancoverdi, which does not have too many tackles, gives meters to those from Galway who do not take advantage of it. On defense, Monty Eon picks up a ball and kicks it, hitting Aki’s absurd shoulder on the wing. A new mistake for Garbis, who leads Treviso 11-7 at 32. Connach tries to respond to the first-half final, wins a free kick on time, and plays fast rather than setting up, but Treviso takes the Oval by the hand and sends teams into the locker room with +4.

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As in the first half, Konach’s mal was hurt early in the second half At 42, Boyle’s goal brought the Irish back to 11-12 When it rained in Monigo. But as in the first half, the hosts ’response arrives immediately and they get a PHis favorable unity brings Garvisi back to Traviso 14-12. The green and white scrum still hurts the Irish, and once again the referee’s whistle blows and Garbici returns to the pitch, but this time the football is inaccurate and nothing. However, Bennett has boosted the pace and quality of the game, but Connach is struggling to contain the hosts’ excitement. At 59 the Irish and the green-and-white defenders choose another offside mechanism, not posts a few meters away from the goal line.

The pack to line up at 5m, which was bad for the guests at Schroem again, is still wrong Yellow card for Beelham Treviso decides to go for the Poles because without the more Irish pylons we would not be going to the competition. In the 62nd minute he goes to the Garbici pitch and Treviso extended it to 17-12. Although two inaccuracies prevent green and white from finding their way to the goal, urge the home team to take advantage of the numerical advantage now. Connach also made a number of mistakes, Crowley’s team insists At 74, a tackle comes from the shoulder only, and in the face of the canon comes Abraham Papali and the red card.. Garbici returns to the pitch and finds three points worth 20-12 This takes Treviso beyond the break. The match is over, defeating Treviso in the final and claiming a historic fourth victory.

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Photo: Alfio Guarris – LPS

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