Bellotti penalty, followed by Locatelle’s victory in the final –

Bellotti penalty, followed by Locatelle's victory in the final -

The game is lost, but everything else is: Success, the first Bulgaria as well as Priority in the group, Though opposed to goal difference Switzerland beat Lithuania 1-0. Sunday In Italy in chiaroscuro. But at such a complex time of the season, you should see the glass half full.

On the seventh attempt, Asuri succeeds Sofia and clears a tab. Sure One wonders what happened to the brilliant plot we are familiar with. The magic that has helped recapture the fans in recent times, can only be seen in the last quarter of an hour, thanks to the changes and breakdown of the Bulgarians, the national team shines and the chances increase. TheThe mmobile, in both cases, is close to the third Gol. We are first, thank you Bellotti’s penalty at the end of the first half, The eleventh and tenth in the blue of the Stryker grenade, seven out of seven houses since Mancini sat on our bench.

Locatelli closes the account, almost at the end, Enters well and responds to criticism and resolves the result with a millimeter diagonal. The defense is again excellent: We haven’t conceded goals in 515 minutes in five and a half games. Solidarity is the foundation of a team. Of the twenty-four consecutive useful effects, Mancini is only one more than Lippi.

Sensei, only two games as a starter of the season, is difficult, Verratti is not very accurate and Burella can never find the right time To throw yourself inside. If that is not enough, even the church seems to have lost its usual explosiveness. Bulgaria play a simple but aggressive football, and after three minutes on the Delev-Galabinov axis there is a chance (which seems to be no problem Donnerumma) and then specifically thinks not to take them. Italy have a chance with insignia, Chochev closes soon, misspells at the end of the first half: Bellotti gets a penalty that breaks the balance and converts.

The goal is not enough to revive ours. The second half was, for the most part, as weak as the first. The Blues are technically inaccurate, they arrive late in the second ball and they can’t be perpendicular. The changes wake us up, especially Locatelli.Bellotti hit the post With a lobby, but an easy response after losing another penalty 8 minutes earlier (even the Bulgarians are asking for one for Sensei’s hands). Locatelly ends the score with a goal that allows us to overtake Switzerland. On Wednesday, in Lithuania, all three were to be beaten. Considering the European Championship, the recent glory needs to be rediscovered. This Italy is not enough.

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