Belgium threatens strike in Ryanair: “It will spread across Europe”


Your summer vacation is in jeopardy. The movement may spread to France.

The cup was refilled among flight attendants at Ryanair in Belgium. Three years after ratifying the agreement to respect Belgian legislation, Ryanair continues to violate its workers’ rights. CNE and its Flemish rival explain in a press release. “After all discussions have been used”, Unions have issued an indefinite strike notice from Monday. What endangers the spring holidays of many Belgian travelers? “No more strikes in two weeks.Didier Lebbe, the regular CNE, guarantees.

And France

P. On the other hand, you can expect a lot of discomfort during the long summer. “We plan to take joint action with the French colleagues who issued the strike notice. The union leader announced that the movement is likely to spread across Europe. If management does not change its tone, the Belgian-based cabin workers will soon be fired, along with other European colleagues. “

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