Belgium: Kovid Positive Health workers have been asked to continue working as the crisis intensifies

Belgium: Kovid Positive Health workers have been asked to continue working as the crisis intensifies
Top health officials have warned that Belgium will run out of intensive care beds in two weeks and that some hospitals will face staff shortages. The country with a population of 11.5 million reported higher than average 13,000 cases a day Last week, the National Public Health Institute commented on Cianzano. The outbreak of Kovid-19 in Belgium is the second worst per capita case in Europe. Czech Republic.

Yevs van Latem, a spokesman for the fight against the corona virus, warned that if the Belgians did not change their behavior, the intensive care unit would reach a capacity of 2,000 patients within 15 days.

The largest occurrence is in Liege Belgium, the largest city in the French-speaking Wallonia region. Louis University Hospital’s TJ Communications Director Louis Maright told CNN on Tuesday that the hospital was testing positive for “no other option” because of staff shortages but was hiring doctors and nurses who had no symptoms.

He added that this is not a problem as they work in corona virus units with patients who have tested positive. About 5% to 10% of the total workforce in the hospital are health workers with Covid-19, Marite said.

Health workers who show symptoms such as fever have been asked not to come to work, Marite said, adding that the hospital cannot be forced. Asymptomatic To show health workers.

CHC Montlegia, another lease hospital, also confirmed to CNN that positive asymptomatic health workers are required to work on their own and strictly adhere to sanitary measures that limit contact with their colleagues.

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A spokesman for the private hospital’s communications department told CNN that the positive asymptomatic staff was mainly working in the Kovid – 19 units. But it can work in all units, including non-Kovid patients, except the geriatric, neonatology and oncology departments.

A spokesman for the Belgian Ministry of Health told CNN that allowing asymptomatic health workers to continue working in the absence of health care workers is permissible under very strict conditions. We strive to ensure the safety of all patients, they added.

Van Latham told a news conference on Monday that the country’s intensive 1,000 beds were already in use and a total of 1,250 sets would be in place by the end of this week. Admission to the hospital and intensive care unit doubles every eight days.

In an interview with the state broadcaster RTBF on Monday, Van Latheim added that “if Belgium does not see a decision on whether to impose a second lockdown before the end of the week,” signs of a slowdown could require “hospitalization” and drastic action.

The government last week introduced new rules on the population in an effort to slow the spread of the virus. A curfew has been imposed every day from midnight to 5am, with restaurants and cafes closed for sit-in services, hoping people will work from home if that is not possible. Amateur sporting events should be canceled and any professional competitions should be held without spectators.

Van Latim said that although it was possible to get out of it without a lockdown, the authorities were preparing for everything and that if a second lockdown was imposed, the government would not “waste two or three days” before bringing it down. in force.

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A total of 333,718 cases and 10,899 deaths have been reported in Belgium since the onset of the pandemic.

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