Belgians spend an average of 51 days a year watching Netflix!

Les Belges passent 51 jours par an en moyenne à regarder Netflix !

Numbers are crazy. Give an idea of ​​the importance that streaming platforms in the world assume. According to a comparative study of 24,796 Netflix subscribers in 46 countries, Belgium spends the equivalent of 51 full days per year viewing the streaming platform with 203 million subscribers. That was one-seventh of his time. For a single streaming platform! If we add Disney + and TV channels, we don’t have to look any further for more time in our spare time.

With this result, Belgium enters the category of heavy Netflix customers. The world average is actually 47 days (8 for movies, 39 for series). But 51 days is not enough to get into the greedy club. Peruvians are in front of the platform 80 days a year, with Argentina 77, Chilean 75, Mexican 74 and Colombian 70. This explains the richness of Spanish-language production.

The Americans are content with 63 days, the champions of the Swiss cot with 57 days in Europe, two more than the British, and five more than the Irish and Dutch. The Belgians are fifth, along with the French and Swedes.

At the other end of the scale, Slovakians are the lowest on average, spending only 24 days “full” in front of Netflix.

Figures that make you dizzy and think about the time spent in this single occupation.

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