Belgian Star Explorer Dixie Dancercover dies in Greenland, his remains

Belgian Star Explorer Dixie Dancercover dies in Greenland, his remains

Belgium has lost its most famous explorer. Especially popular To cross Antarctica Several Belgian media outlets reported that Dixie Dancercoir died Monday evening while walking alongside Alain Hubert, a sidekick. He then went there in search of a safe place to stay the night with his Canadian colleague Sebastian Audi.

The dancer choir was moving forward when the ice broke under his feet. He fell into the abyss. His colleague could do nothing. 3:30 pm later a helicopter rushed to the scene, but again failed. The body fell so cracked that it could not even be seen with the naked eye. “Everything tried to go down to the abyss but it was incredibly deep and had no contact with the body or the eyes,” says his friend Stephen Mays, who worked there. From La Voices du Nord.

Alain Hubert (left) and Dixie Dancercoir (right) return in 2007 from an expedition of more than 4,000 km between Siberia and Greenland. AFP / BELGA / ERIC VIDAL AFP / BELGA / ERIC VIDAL

The research still lasted for hours, but they had to be stopped due to a difficult situation, our colleagues continued. They could not resume this Tuesday. Suffice it to say that the probability of survival is now considered zero.

Dixie Dancercoir, a married man and father of four, moved to Greenland last April with Sebastian Audi and Dutch Johanna Adriana Simone Maria. They were launched over a distance of more than 2000 km. “It was comforting to go on a trip with him. He was known for his careful attention to security measures, ”continued his friend Stephen Mays. Sadly, sometimes all the precautions in the world are not enough.

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