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Belfast |  Free Press - Sweepstakes

For the home cinema launch on May 12, 2022, we present two Blu-rays of the film

“Belfast” – Multi-Oscar nominee Kenneth Branagh – The gruesome story of a childhood of love, laughter and music, disturbed by the social unrest in Ireland in the 1960s. For the home cinema launch on May 12, 2022, we present two Blu-rays of the film. Solve the picture pair game easily and win!

About the movie:

Buddy’s family of nine lives in an area with a large Protestant population, with few Catholics, and one day their lives are turned upside down by the ensuing unrest. Buddy’s family must quickly decide whether to leave the only place they thought was home. The boy’s emotional parents (Kitriona Balfe and Jamie Dornen) and quick-witted grandparents (Oscar winners Judy Dench and Sierra Hindustan) use music and the magic of movies to maintain their passion for life.

The autobiographical film tells the story of the director’s childhood in Belfast. 7 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director. Oscar for “Best Original Screenplay”.


For Home Cinema Launch “Belfast” We provide two Blu-rays.

Click here for more Picture pair game.

Sweepstakes run until May 24, 2022.

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