Beijing test-fires hypersonic missile in orbit

Beijing test-fires hypersonic missile in orbit

China continues to advance in hypersonic missile technology. To this end, the country has tested a new space capability Armed, Reported Saturday Financial Times (FT).

An article in the British Business and Economic Daily quotes several sources of knowledge about the test. Beijing According to three sources, a nuclear-capable missile was launched in August to orbit the Earth in a low orbit before landing at a lost target of more than 32 km.

Took the United States course

Sources of FT The hypersonic glider was carried by the Long March rocket, whose launches were usually announced, while the August test was concealed. Importantly, the article says that the Chinese advances in hypersonic weapons “surprised US intelligence.”

In addition to Beijing, the United States, Russia, and at least five other countries are working on this technology. Hypersonic missiles Missiles Conventional ballistics that can carry nuclear weapons can fly at five times the speed of sound. Ballistic missiles fly high in space and create an arc to reach their target, while a hypersonic missile is likely to travel a short distance in the atmosphere and reach its target quickly. Importantly, a hypersonic missile can be handled (much slower, often like a subsonic cruise missile), making it more difficult to pursue and defend.

Strong tensions between Beijing and Washington

Countries such as the United States have developed defense systems against cruise and ballistic missiles, but the ability to track and fire hypersonic missiles is unknown. According to a recent report by the US Congressional Research Service (CRS), China has aggressively developed technology as it is critical in countering U.S. advances in hypersonic and other technologies.

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Test reported Financial Times The increase comes as US-China tensions escalate and Beijing intensifies military operations near Taiwan.

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