Before updating WhatsApp and publishing data, learn how to protect your privacy

Before updating WhatsApp and publishing data, learn how to protect your privacy

His WhatsApp account will be deleted from February 8, 2021, after WhatsApp announced the details of new updates on sharing of user data with other Facebook products and applications and non-compliance with the terms of the new Privacy Policy. Most users of the WhatsApp app have turned to other apps that provide privacy, along with searching for how to protect their data on the phone.

In this regard, some privacy tips and how to prevent apps from accessing data recorded on the phone:

Phone Privacy Protection Tips:

1. Improve location settings in apps:

Some applications require geolocation data to work, but these applications can be modified to protect privacy.

1- On iOS users, go to Settings, then click Privacy, then click on the Location Services option, a list of apps will appear, and set the location for each one.
It is possible to determine the level of access to your location data, i.e.: the first always gives access to the app even when the location data is not used, the second is during the use of the app, the last option never, which prevents the app from tracking your location

2- For Android users, go to settings, press security and location, scroll down to location option under privacy section, app-level permissions option, app-level permissions, app menu appears, toggle button next to stop and run site for app.

2. Check location settings for apps:

The geographical location of each app installed on your phone is important, and it is important to delete all apps you do not use, and be sure to disable location access services by apps.

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3- Turn off site log settings:

Save Android and Apple devices in a list called regular locations, including places to visit and length of stay there. To protect privacy, delete history from settings.

4. Use a VPN:

Using a VPN, you can encrypt your activity over the Internet and make direct web site visits to various servers to hide the location.

Tips to prevent apps from stealing data:

1- Keep the permissions that applications request:

You should check the permissions requested while using the application and ask yourself, why does the application request those permissions? Where the application requests access to data unrelated to its activities and indicates the presence of something unusual.

2. Use a Password Manager application:

Relying on a unified password for all applications can lead to breach of their accounts, so it is important to rely on secure and encrypted password manager applications: Google Chrome.

3. Note for updating the operating system:

Updating the operating system is important to maintain the security of your data, as system updates include improvements in privacy and security features, so experts suggest modifying the phone settings to update automatically.

4. Monitor the performance of your phone:

It is important to monitor the phone’s performance after installing the app, as the phone’s slow performance and low battery life are always clear indications that the app is constantly running in the background to access data.

Be sure to download apps from the Play Store, because Google Play includes the “Play Protect” service, which checks applications before downloading.

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