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Before the Luxembourg U21s’ quick merger with Ireland

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Luxembourg’s U21 team is set to play its fifth European Championship qualifier in Group F with a wide chest. That’s right, because the “Red Lions” miraculously scored the first point of this campaign against Ireland four weeks ago in their home game. The problem with the guest role in Dublin, however, is the lack of three top performers.

Looking ahead to the home games against Ireland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, coach Manuel Cardoni’s last game should not underestimate the importance of a draw. “Point victory did us incredibly well. The boys rewarded their dedication and opened the account with merit against a strong opponent.” The day between the lines helped to disrupt the Irish game and hold the latitude well.Thanks to penalty killer Lucas Fox and the wrong Dylan Cute, “Boys in Green” finally got out of the tooth.

Tonight, Cardoni is skeptical that the Irish selection at Dublin Stadium in Dublin will need to intensify a bit to avoid further ground loss to group favorites Italy and Sweden. In the new game system, Cardoni’s team is ready for it, but will have to play worse than the home game. “The Irish will come to us earlier. We have a little personal trouble. Fareed Ike has been suspended. Gianni Madina has been ruled out with a hamstring injury. Alessio Cursi is with the senior team. You expect positive development.

Tor: Luke Fox (Verinzlos), Timothy Martin (Wirton / B)
Defense: Loris Bernardi (US Hostert), Kevin de Ansico (Defendantz 03), Emre Ercus (Victoria Roseport), Matthias Oleson (1. FC Coln / D), Edin Osmanovic (Defendant 03), Alexander USS (Alexander Z) Hostert), Franz Sinner (Eintrach Trier / D), Johann Torres (UT Pettingen)
Midfield: Cedric Beaverlin (UNA Strazen), Fareed Ikene (Racing Luxembourg), Dylan Cute (US Montorf), Irwin Lattic (Progress Nedercon), Diego Monteiro (1. FC Kaiserlotte),
Attack: Gary Bernard (Junci SH), Selim Turping (Borussia Munchengladbach / D)

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