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Before Ireland – France: CJ Standard against Aldrit

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The clash between the two No. 8s is a reliable barometer to predict the outcome of the showdown between the French and Irish packs.

There are small phrases like putting images in your head. This is exactly what the author of these lines, William Servet, said this week: “The desire to fight the Irish, the bitterness they put there. We are preparing to compete: these players have character and it will take. ”

So don’t ask us why, but after hearing this warning from the coach in charge of the French forwards, Gregory Aldrit (23 years, 19 years old) and CJ Standard (30 years old, 47 years old). Maybe it was cruel, harsh, and humane … in other words, vengeance was the summary of everything that was promised to the Blues against the Irish.

Focusing on the battle between two players leads to the temptation of a microsectoral approach. This can be “macro” and further delay the impact of the third line. If the fate of any meeting is primarily related to this area, this argument will always come to the fore when it comes to Clover’s XV, Dylan Cret recognizes: When we go to the ground, it gives them a chance to slow down or challenge the balloons. It is necessary to be hyperactive at the level of supporters and attackers. Everything must be done to prevent them from going to these areas. ”

But at the heart of this encounter, the distant arm between the 8 digits will be rich in wrestling. For the simple reason that their offensive and defensive action is often a reliable barometer to assess the condition of their collective form. We are not referring here to any control over the game. But the ability to always increase the intensity sliders at all stages of the fight.

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Aldrit is a “fan”

Last weekend Gregory Aldritt re-enacted it in Italy. If he did not recite in Rome the best scores he has scored with the French team, Rochellees will be consistent again. 41 meters in 11 games, 11 tackles, 13 interceptions on first defensive racks. Strong.

In a complex context where Peter O’Malley was left out, CJ Standard was also active in Wales. The first responder in 18 races in 85m, 26 offensive racks, stole 10 tackles, one touch. The defeat of his team did not reward the density of such a performance.

Gregory Aldrit is not misunderstood either. The Stade Rocheles player praised his arrogance from Munster: “He’s a remarkable player: I admire him a lot. He’s a good ball carrier, a great tackler, a very good scraper: he has a crazy performance on the field. But what impresses me the most is its consistency. He never gets frustrated: he’s the most crazy with him, and that’s what defines a top player. ”

The last advantage he seems to have now acquired. But the Blues’ No. 8 refuses to take the small game of comparisons any further: “One day I want to compare my career with his. This is not relevant yet. ”

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