Beers: Italian craft beers are high and high

Beers: Italian craft beers are high and high

Italians love blondes. If it is more local and handicraft, zero kilometers. A study by says: Our companions love Italian beer more and more, and retailers’ offer of local products is growing at the same pace. Nowadays, in the world of brewing, we are on the hunt for sustainable, organic and locally available products. For completeness, it must be said that many of the Italian labels are now in the hands of foreign multinationals, but thanks to the production produced on the peninsula, it still maintains a connection with the region.

About 50.5 percent of searches on e-commerce platforms dedicated to this area are related to national brands. Dutch beers are in third place with 17 percent and German beers with 8 percent. In the top five are English beer (6 per cent) and popular Belgian beer (5 per cent). Of the 105 labels checked, the lion’s share are handcrafted beers, almost all of which are Italian (52). Of the 48 local beers in the catalog, 36 are made locally by non-international giants. Polish, German, Belgian, Danish, Irish, Scottish, French, Norwegian, Slovenian: There are also those who like bottles from foreign artisans.

Retailers are trying to adapt to demand. Whose? Consumers are more attentive to labels, raw material detection, manufacturing processes, and origins. Quality handicrafts are in high demand.

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