Beehives in Vietnam use their own poop against murder pits

Beehives in Vietnam use their own poop against murder pits

Beehives in Vietnam have launched a crackdown on notorious homicides – one report said, with their hives lined with pollen.

Researchers at Guwahati University in Ontario have discovered a new use of beeswax in animal excrement.

“Throughout the study, workers collected feces in our dung heaps; We observed feces in a nearby chicken coop, ”the researchers wrote in a study PLOS One, CNN reported.

They also commented that the worker bee sometimes uses the soap scam and in one case the human urinal for the same purpose.

Researchers surveyed 72 beekeepers in late August, when the murderous hornet attack was frequent.

Five of them were only colonies of western hives – CNN reported that those keepers did not find the fungus in their hives.

Of the remaining beekeepers who kept the eastern hives, 63 reported fungal spots on the front of their hives.

The beekeeping average is 15 colonies – the keepers report seeing an average of 74 percent feces in their colonies.

The poop appeared after a raid by murderous hornets, and researchers determined it was a response to the attack. They found that colonies with heavy and moderate fungi were less likely to be attacked.

“One of the most striking characteristics of this study is that these bees have to defend themselves against a really terrible predator,” lead author Heather Mattila said in a statement.

At the same time, western hives – found in North America – are not as ready for killing huts as eastern countries.

“They have not had a chance to defend themselves,” Mattila said. “It’s like going into a war cold.”

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There have been murderous hornets of Asian descent recently Found his way to North America, Last month Entomologists at the Washington State Department of Agriculture destroyed a nest they had set up in October.

They found about 200 queens, each with the ability to build their own nests.

In July, the state’s first giant hornet was trapped. Many others were later seized across Watcom County County, state agriculture officials said.

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