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“Give him another five or six years. I believe he’s going to do something academically, maybe make amazing research results in mathematics.”On May 31, after a video of Wei Dong, an assistant professor at the School of Mathematical Sciences at Peking University, steamed buns and water became popular on the Internet, Wei Dong’s interviewed Zhang Yongwa, a high school class teacher. Current teacher at the attached middle school at Shandong Normal University.

Speaking of Wei Dong, Ng Yong Zhou firmly believes that he is a genius in mathematics.

Ng Yong Yohua, who has been taking care of Wei Dong since the second grade, knows him well “just like his parents”. However, Zhang Yonghua also expressed concern.

He said, “Wei Dongyi is really good at mathematics, but his emotional intelligence is not high. Now that the video about him has gone viral on the internet, there are a lot of positive and negative comments. I do not need these comments. Affect him. I hope the public pays less attention to him and gives him a quiet space for academic research.” .

In addition, Ng Kong Yonghua believes that Wei Dong’s life potential is not very strong, and hopes that Peking University will take more care and understanding of him. At the same time, his academic research also requires expert guidance. I hope that the University of Peking will be able to provide more support for Wei Dong’s training so that he can make further progress in academic research.

High school extraordinary admission

Zhang Yongwa paid attention to Wei Dong because of the recommendation of Wei Dong’s junior high school teacher.

When Wei Dongyi attended junior high school, he was a celebrity at school, and his classmates knew that he had very good math grades. The teachers also listened to him, and one of them recommended him to Ng Yong Yo, where he had taken several math competition classes.

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“At that point, I contacted him first and asked him a few high school questions. Not only did he answer the questions correctly, but the method was very good.” After contacting Ng Kong Yongwa Wei Dongyi, Wei Dongyi went to work and became a parent. I hope Wei Dong can follow him to know in advance about math competitions. Wei Dong’s’ father, Wei Songli, is a professor of mathematics at Shandong University of Architecture and Architecture.

In 2007, Ng Yongwa and Wei Dongi had been in a relationship for two years, and both sides cooperated well, and Wei Dongi made great strides. However, when Wei Dongyi wrote the high school entrance exam, his score did not meet the high school admission standards of Shandong Normal University.

“Although the overall score is not high, Wei Dongi, who has a clear ability in mathematics, is still the ‘sweet rice cake’ that many high schools in Jinan are competing for. In the end, the high school affiliated with Shandong General University admitted that Wei Dongi is unusual. This has never happened before,” Zhang Yongwa recalled.

During the summer vacation before joining high school, Shang Yongwa began preparing for math competitions with Wei Dongyi. Finally, Wei Dongyi, a first-year high school student, won consecutive Shandong Provincial and National Awards and was nominated to the national team for the International Mathematical Olympiad.

At the 49th International Mathematical Olympiad in Madrid, Spain on July 21, 2008, a 16 – year – old boy from Shandong Normal University High School Affiliated High School won a gold medal with full marks.

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At the 50th International Mathematical Olympiad in 2009, Wei Dong won another gold medal.

“Participating in international competitions for two years in a row has won me a gold medal with full marks. This has never happened before, and it proves that Wei Dongyi is not just writing an exam. He is only studying mathematics for the results of the competition.

When Wei Dong-di wanted to participate in the International Mathematical Olympiad in 2010, Ng Yong-yo persuaded him to leave, saying, “After all, he was admitted to Peking University in advance and I hope he can overcome his weaknesses in other subjects. “

Worried about their lives

In high school, Zhang Yongwa gave Wei Dongi complete independence.

“I teach math myself. Sometimes when I give a lecture on stage, he suddenly gets up and walks to the stage and writes down his problem-solving ideas and explains clearly. I found that his problem-solving method is better than ours. The routine is better,” Zhang Yongwa said.

When Wei Dongyi first started studying at university, he did not fit in well with university life.

“Initially, Peking University gave feedback to our school, but Weidongi University did not perform well. At the time, I was concerned.” Two years after his mother was with him to allow Wei Dongyi to adapt better to university life, Wei Dongi won several mathematical awards during his school days, which proved itself, and Ng Yongzhou’s worries were allayed.

During Wei Dong’s junior year, Harvard University invited him to study and offered him services such as translators, but he refused.

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From Ng Kong Yongwa’s point of view, not all well – educated children are suitable for scientific research, especially high-scoring students who are trained under high pressure, who are not good at academic research, and Wei Dongyi is a student who has demonstrated skills since childhood. Scientific research skills Academic research.

“Science students are more likely to have inadequate skills in life problems, especially those who study mathematics. Becoming class representatives as class cadres and deliberately leading students as class representatives.

However, Ng Yong-yo believes that Wei Dong’s mathematical genius is born out of life’s problems and that society needs his expertise so that his shortcomings can be tolerated and helped.

Ng Kong Yonghua noticed a detail: A few years ago, one of Wei Dong’s alumni went to Peking University to study and met Wei Dong for a group photo. In the photo, Wei Dongyi is wearing a high school uniform.

“We cannot discriminate against him, we cannot use traditional methods to train him, we must violate the real rules, for example, in scientific research, we must give him the necessary guidance and sufficient freedom, so as to maximize his ability, and in matters of life, Peking University can give them proper care. I look forward to it, “said Ng Yong-yo.

In addition, Zhang Yongwa hopes that Wei Dong, now 29, will be able to make more friends in his life. “People in their thirties are about 30 and they’m getting married. It’s time to have a girlfriend.”

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