Beautiful pictures of the 2021 volcanic eruption captured up close!

Fontaines de lave depuis le cône éruptif, le 11 mai 2021. © Thorir, Adobe Stock

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[EN VIDÉO] Volcanic eruptions: Drones give us an unprecedented view
Volcanologists and engineers from the Universities of Cambridge and Bristol have used drones to film and conduct unprecedented surveys of two volcanoes in Guatemala as they erupt. The first will greatly aid research into the causes of these phenomena.

In our day and age where the snapshot is king, a picture from a few months ago is definitely old… but when there’s something incredible and comforting about this, what a great idea to keep it warm (no pun intended), only to bring it out later, after the flood of pictures of the explosion… that’s it. Jorn Steinbeck With this video from volcano In Geldingadallur.

A volcanic geyser!

Whether in volcanology or related Film loversThe appearance of the drone was a real revolution! Of course, as in these pictures, they allow us to see the eruption from above, although the lack of landmarks requires a little explanation to understand what we are seeing …

drone It’s up here Corn An approximately 60-meter-tall eruption formed during the March 19 to September 19, 2022 eruption.

From May 2, magma supply Volcanic chimneyPrecisely located under this bursting cone is a continuous stop: phases of activity followed by quiet periods of several minutes, Like a geyser. At a later time, the immobility of the small pool of lava contained in the crater allowed a thin, thick skin to form on the surface. the color The gray, shiny, almost instantaneous cooling testifies to the formation of volcanic crystal.

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Then, the emergence of large bubbles take a look Through a thrust volcanic chimney and magma At the top, a kind of bulge forms in the center of the lava pool. The Debit At the level of the outlet of the exploding cone, at the bottom of the figure, then increased. Finally, after a few seconds, gas bubbles penetrate the surface and form bubbling, which eventually intensifies to form true jets. Lava fountains. They lasted a few minutes until the action stopped and a new lull began…

Another video, in the tweet above, shows the same sequence as seen from the side. We notice very well that the fountains of lava intensify and its fragments fall partly on the sides of the cone.

When is the next explosion? The next outbreak? Soon?

Spectacular: The eruption of Fagrdalsfjal volcano filmed by a drone

Incredible drone video footage shot near Iceland’s small volcano, Mount Fagrdalsfjall, is making the rounds on the web. Here’s the highlight of the moment.

The article Louis’ son-in-lawPublished on March 22, 2021

Flirting up close with an erupting volcano is not a good idea, except when this risk is taken by drone. An Icelandic videographer managed to get a netless flight over the lava flow of Fagrdalsfjall, not far from the capital Reykjavík. Jorn Steinbeck. Undoubtedly, these are the most comforting images circulating Social networks. Following the lava flow very close to the ground, the drone climbs up the mountain and passes through the lava projection above the crater. A gorgeous, haunting ride – especially for the drone – and good slow motion. The author of the video does not explain what it is aéronef He did his filming, but it could be a tool of the brand DJI. Given its trajectories, it appears to have been piloted from A FPV headset.

He wakes up after a gap of 800 years

Public access to this area from Saturday volcano Authorized unless you are close to the lava flow and care for the fumes of carbon dioxide Sulphur and gas. With this access to the public, beautiful shots and images are broadcast mass Way Social networks. This is the first time the volcano has been active in 800 years. It would have already ejected 300,000 cubic meters of lava. Accordingly VolcanoesYou should take advantage of it, because this little volcanic eruption shouldn’t last long.

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