Be, be | The meteorologist is reporting a change in the weather in the coming days

Be, be |  The meteorologist is reporting a change in the weather in the coming days

Some get T-shirt weather, while others have to bring umbrellas and rain jackets.

At Nottingham in Westfold and Telemark, the full 27 degrees registered at 4pm on Sunday, while Westland and Voss will not get worse than 26.8 degrees. However, this good weather has no plans to give up in the coming days:

– South of Stad and Dover, there is a long exposure to sunlight. The temperature is still 20 degrees or higher. The highest temperature will probably be Østafjells, state meteorologist on duty Martin Granerrode told Netavizon.

– There will be a good end to three summer months here, he concludes about the whole area.

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Western Norway will get some cold air first, most likely until Tuesday, when Østafjells will last a few more days.

At the same time, there will be no windy world in this region except in one place:

– There may be a small northeast cyclone south of Stad on the coast of western Norway, the meteorologist says.

Cold in central Norway

Further north, in More og Romsdal and Trøndelag, it can be cold and a great reason to find a sweater. It can also be a smart move to take out the umbrella.

– They are further affected by the low pressure that eventually enters the Norwegian Sea. It will be a bit more cloudy here, and there may be a little more rain, Graneroad says.

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– The meteorologist predicts that there will be more rain in the area as you go further north, and the meteorologist adds that there will be more rain in the week you get.

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Here the wind, which blows mainly from the west, will be a little less windy than the south wind.

Wet in northern Norway

In the opinion of the meteorologist, perhaps not unexpectedly, Nordland, Troms and Finmark are the first to receive autumn.

– The Norwegian Sea is affected by low pressure. It seems to have started raining heavily since Tuesday. Some places may receive 30-50 mm of rain that day. Most of the escape from this rain will be to the plateau and the East Finns. The rest of the area may be mostly wet.

The temperature on Tuesday will be 10-12 degrees and will drop throughout the week.

On Thursdays and Fridays, Spitzburg will experience colder temperatures than 5 degrees.

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