BB King: Tribute Interview

B.B. King

With his new album As hot as dynamite, And someone around the most effective line returns and greets the beneficiary of the pop pod resources

He surveyed hundreds and hundreds of pop scenes. And studios. In other words, we do not do that to him. Has recorded five albums with FFF for over 30 years, providing film soundtracks, two discs with Maddie, dozens of record productions, and providing contemporary sound for Johnny’s music director. “Sometimes you play and then save, there was a color, a excitement, a direction. When the iron was hot we beat it”, Describes someone’s new attempt

A rocky and beautiful way of revival, from adolescence to the roots of music that provoked the artist. The second solo opus of his career is symbolic of these years, playing at the base of a bar in Pigalle and on the biggest stages in France. The loud noise is in order. Interview.

Listening to your new album, As hot as dynamite, We feel a return to group logic.

You can tell it, that’s right, and it’s clearer than the first album based on a band sound with some first additions. There, we all worked together in the same studio. The idea actually came up during our 2019 tour, we took breaks to go to the countryside with the band’s musicians and we made jams. This is where ideas are born, and here we find a guide. We spent 3 to 4 days jamming,
Record some things like that, we listened again in the car and experienced the birth of the album there. The base was there.

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But there are a lot of guests As hot as dynamite !

You can say it! Old friends like Marco Prince and new recruits like Victor Mechanic who are part of the group are mainly on keyboards and playback singers. His music world is amazing, it has allowed me to change a lot of things in my work style, the original chord progress, it has helped the songs move forward and enriched it. Slipage, which gives life to songs, is such. What’s more, it allowed me to step out of my blues rock with pop and melodic touch. Victor comes from the keyboard, and his influence is mainly from Stevie Wonder to Paul McCartney. For lessons, I talked a lot Lescope After advancing in preproduction. Although the general ideas of the songs are born very quickly between the songs, especially the melody, the original lyrics must be effective and sound; The first articles that came out immediately, of course, made it possible to move forward with slogans. Naturally, to believe that words came with refs and compositions. Especially in the,
I wanted to remake the songs in French. I was suffering, this is not my thing. So to get back to Lescope, at a dinner party, I was sitting next to him, I knew him a little but no more. We really talked a lot: he got home, we noticed the stuff, he left ideas. He sent me some sentences that fit perfectly. We do not have similar labels, obviously, but we agreed on the essentials. And his writing
Full of references, her method of choosing words was so real and above all, I could sing them, and it worked immediately.

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How has this new title collection changed?

Naturally. We worked on the first series of songs, and then we continued to compose songs for preproduction and especially for the way the album sounded. When you are disconnected from the world, you must know that you will move forward very quickly. We need that energy, speed, and a lot of coordination to save the group dynamics we just created. I want to act like that, we go back to the countryside, we go back and forth, it allows you to hear everything on the car radio and see how it really sounds. I was already doing this with FFF. We
We only create music, we record and experiment. We have no neighbors, only cows, we are in the fields, we work out of time. We designed that kind of album. In the end, we gave about fifteen titles.

In the end, you only saved about ten …

When developing a record, looking for consistency, things that do not work together, how to edit the titles one after the other, it simply tells a story. Suddenly, we sorted everything, cut everything again, we moved on, quickly, moving forward on the mixes, we told ourselves, 10 tracks work well together. No more needed. A short album, but very dense, very rich in my opinion.

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