Batman: What is the first role of a movie star?

Batman: What is the first role of a movie star?

From Robert Pattinson to Jeffrey Wright, Batman plays the passing four-star cast of So Kravitz and Paul Dano, but did you know their first appearance on screen?

Robert Pattinson, So Kravitz and Colin Farrell find Batman stars in their first screen appearance. From obscure TV series to acclaimed movies and classics, check out the DC Comics movie star debut that hits theaters on March 2nd.

Robert Pattinson (Batman)

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Robert Pattinson It all started on the screen in the medieval TV movie The Sacred Ring. Since Babylon was seen in the series Berlin, he has played the role of the King’s brother, Giselhar, opposite Beno Furman, the film’s real hero. Prior to this Sacred Ring, Pattinson had filmed scenes for Vanity Fair and Fair for Vanities (2004), but his fans knew that editing was cut when the film was released in theaters. However, on the DVD of the film, we can see one of these scenes (warning, poor quality):

This way!

Jeffrey Wright (James Gordon)

Metropolitan Film Export / Warner Bros.

James Gordon is played by Jeffrey Wright, not a commissioner yet, who has starred in the Marvel What if series since he starred in The Dying Can Weight and the West World Series. He is credited with making his first appearance in Harrison Ford’s trial thriller, Presumed Innocent (1990), in which Wright is considered a “General Counsel”. We could not find him in the movie, is this the man we suddenly met during a panoramic shot? If you find it, feel free to give us a timecode and we will gladly add it!

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Barry Keogan (Stanley Merkel)

Zuma Press / Bestimage / Magma Productions

In comics, Stanley Merkel is a cop from Gotham who began her career with James Gordon. He first appeared in 1987 (Batman n ° 405) and will soon feature Barry Keogan, who recently appeared in The Eternals at Marvel. His first role was in the Irish series Jack Taylor (2010), Season 2 and Episode 2. He played a minor strike against Ian Glenn’s Jora Mormont in Game of Thrones.

John Tarturo (Carmine Falcon)


From the very beginning, John Tarturo began his career as the classic ragging bull in the movie starring Robert De Niro and boxer Jake Lamotta. John Tarturo appears for a restaurant scene. Inn BatmanHe will play the role of Carmine Falcon, a mobster familiar to fans of comics, Batman Begins, Gotham or Batman animated films.

Peter Sarsgard (Gil Coulson)

Warner Bros. France / NBC

Created specifically for the film, Gill Coulson is a Gotham City District Attorney. He is therefore played by Peter Sarsgard, who recently appeared in the Dopesic series on Disney +, and is indebted to his first screen appearance in the New York Special Unit series (S06E06, 1995), in which he plays the victim’s lover.

Colin Farrell (Penguin)


The supervillain cannot be identified as a penguin, Colin Farrell Transformed into not knowing what was inside Batman ! On the other hand, in the first film, Frankie Starlight (1995), we recognize his rascal air interrupting a film session with friends.

Andy Serkis (Alfred Pennyworth)

Backgrid UK / Bestimage / ITV1

Gollum began his career as a commentator for Caesar and King Kong on the British sitcom The New Statesman (1989). Andy Serkis introduces journalist Peter Moran (here with glasses). Inn BatmanHe will face Alfred, Bruce Wayne’s loyal butler.

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