Basketball – Kottur-Jurkovitz pair, Switzerland barometer

Arnaud Cotture a lancé un sacré regard à James Gormley, jeudi.


Under pressure against Austria on Sunday (4pm), it was difficult for the Swiss team to win without the best match of their Freiborg duo.

Arnaud Kottur looked at James Gormley in hell on Thursday.

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He should not have quarreled with her. On Thursday evening, in the heart of the second half between Switzerland and Ireland, James Gormley and his long hair flew away, resisting Arnad Couture’s attempt on the St.-Leonard board. Moments later, the interior player of the Freeborg Olympics sank into the face of his opponent and took the law into his own hands. Not without giving him a devastating look, as he passes.

“We need to be more tough Struggle “

Arnaud Kottur, Swiss player

It is with this kind of positive aggression that the Swiss selection team must approach their meeting against Austria on Sunday in Friborg (4pm) in the decisive game against the Group A leader for the quest for this famous first place. In the first quarter, on the outskirts of Vienna, Elias Papatiodoro’s selection was lost 80-64 after dragging their disastrous start to the match on the basis of intensity.

Jonathan Dubas and Nemanja Callason, who were sent forward, suffered hell from the first minutes. Finally, Austria won the battle for the rebound with 19 offensive catches (45-35). It is necessary to show more rigidity Struggle If you want to give this capital game a chance to win. We need to be aware of that. “

Jurkovitz in fourth place?

On Sunday, Kottur is not expected to be on the bench to launch this poster. He is the author of 21 points and a set of dunks against Ireland, and he impresses with his attacking position and time in the air. On November 25, in Austria, he completed the best evaluation (+16) and differential (+5) meeting of his election. We look forward to seeing him lock in on the rebound, along with Michelle-Ofik Ensege for excellent service after a shoulder injury.

Another option is to move actor Jurkovitz to 4th place. It should be noted that the all-purpose winger from the Olympics was not in Austria. When he’s on the floor, as against Cyprus and Ireland, it’s a whole lot better. Papatyodoro made no mistake in that, allowing the longest playing time (35 minutes) on Thursday. In the opinion of the coach of Greek descent, challenging the “best team in the group” is no different.

According to the latest information, Selim Fofana will not play this match against Austria. The rear of Union Newchatle, which was hit by Kovid-19 earlier this week, has not recovered enough. His absence has added to the playmaker position, along with injured Jonathan Cassadi, Clayton Le San and Yuri Solka. JSA

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