Basketball: Ireland won two

Basketball: Ireland won two

Ireland beat San Marino 107-59 in the FIBA ​​Small Nations Championship.

Ireland won two of the Fiba Small Country Championships, 107-59 against San Marino on the national basketball court. Win Hanley scored 15 points in the win, as well as Sean Flood with three assists and three assists.

John Carroll was a great start from Ireland, giving the team an 8-0 lead within three minutes.

CJ Fulton and Jason Killan scored their first league points in the first quarter. Hanley focuses on the goal, scoring three points in the first 30 seconds of the first quarter. In the fourth game, the Irish defense faced only one field goal, and manager Mark Keane cheered and praised the intensity of his team from the start.

It was almost the same in the second quarter, with CJ Fulton jumping three points from midway to give Ireland a 46-16 lead and a 37-2 lead in the first half, 59-22.

San Marino has improved a lot

After the break, San Marino improved a lot and beat Ireland 23-21 in the third quarter, with Igor Purdy leading by seven points in that half. Ireland finished the quarter-finals with a superb three-point shot from a corner kick by Eoin Quigley for a score of 80-45.

In the first half Ireland style advanced to 100 and Captain Keelen fired three minutes earlier to take a 100-59 lead. It was followed by two good, quick actors from Neil Randolph and Sean Flood. 107-59 victory in Randolph’s free throw.

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Speaking later, coach Mark Keenan said: “I think the way we started the game was more interesting. We’re talking about a good start, it’s not just about advancing in the rankings, it’s just the way we play. At the beginning of the game we brought the right mood and the right style, and then putting the numbers on the board was a big plus. So the way we started, I thought power and purpose were great. “

Sean Flood and Will Hanley are the top scorers with 15 points each

12 August 2021; On the third day of the European Men’s Basketball Championship between Ireland and San Marino, Irishman Hanley will play San Marino’s Igor Pardi on the National Basketball Court in Dublin. Photo by Eóin Noonan / Sportsfile

Friday is a holiday for the championship.
Ireland resumes

  • Match against Mount Tarek Saturday evening at 7:00,
  • Also concluded Malta Sunday, also at 7 p.m.

Quarterly Result – D1: 34-9, D2: 25-13, D3: 21-23, D4: 27-14

Ireland: CJ Fulton (9), Sierra Rowe (4), Kyle Hosford (4), Sean Flood (15), Lorcan Murphy (10), Neil Randolph (7), Adrian O’Sullivan (2), Jordan Blount (8), Owen Quigley (9), Will Hanley (15), John Carroll (14) and Jason Keelan (10).

San Marino: Igor Buridi (15), Lorenzo Liberty (7), Jewel Moretti (10), Francesco Palmieri (6), Giacomo Pasolini (8), Federico Bombini (0), Tomaso Felici (4), Lorenzo Letoli (DNP), (9), Marco Misivic (DNP), Alessandro Eduardo Renzi (DNP), Leonardo Liberty (7).

12 August 2021; Sean Flood confronts San Marino Giole Moretti on the third day of the European Men’s Minor Basketball Tournament between Ireland and San Marino on the National Basketball Court in Dublin. Photo by Eóin Noonan / Sportsfile
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