Barry launches lone local competition for nurses: Tens of thousands attend Fiera del Levante

Barry launches lone local competition for nurses: Tens of thousands attend Fiera del Levante

Andreula: “Nurses’ numbers are important in this health emergency”

Tens of thousands of people are taking part in a single local competition for nurses held in Bari from February 15 to 19. The tests are divided into five days, with two daily shifts for 1900 candidates in each of the 9 sessions. In the new 18,000-square-meter sample pavilion, space out stations were organized with restricted access and routes, subject to Kovid rules. All vaccinations are already available from all Italian regions, 42 from the United Kingdom, 39 from Germany, 3 from Ireland and 1 from Malta. The average age of candidates is between 25 and 40. Tests will be hosted by Fierra del Levante’s new pavilion. The organization machine put forward by Barry’s ASL is noteworthy for ensuring the running of the competition, which had already been postponed to last September due to a health emergency in line with anti-Kovid measures. The area outside the pavilion was actually lined with routes guided by vertical and horizontal symbols, handled by dedicated officials. A pre-triage area, a health center that includes ambulances, a tensile structure for parking or other needs of candidates, and a breastfeeding area for new mothers are provided if needed.

The focal point of this emergency moment is the number of nurses, explained Saverio Androla, president of the Barry Order of Nurses.

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