Barcelona protest after rapper arrested for letters against Spanish monarchy | The world

Barcelona protest after rapper arrested for letters against Spanish monarchy |  The world

Pablo Hazel was convicted in 2018 and was due to report to police last week. The case has sparked controversy in the country over freedom of expression.

Protesters set fire to a garbage dump after the arrest of a Catalan rapper convicted of crimes against the monarchy on February 16, 2021 – Photo: Nacho DOS / Reuters

Hussein was convicted of writing letters and tweets referring to the separatist paramilitary group ETA, comparing judges to Nazis. Spain, King Emeritus, leader of a mafia.

Catalonia’s regional police, the Mossos de Esquadra, reacted to an attack by rocks and debris by protesters in Barcelona.

Protesters set fire to several pieces of plastic waste in the city and blocked roads in the central region.

Catalan Police Mossos de Esquadra during a protest in central Barcelona against the arrest of the rapper on February 16, 2021 – Photo: Nacho Dos / Reuters

There were also reports of damage and attempted robbery on social media. The face of Louis Vuitton would have been attacked in Pasig de Gracia, a major street for trade and tourism.

This Tuesday, Barcelona will face Paris Saint-Germain For the 16th Champions League round at Camp Nou. The stadium is a short distance from the city center where the protests took place.

Protest in Barcelona against the arrest of a rapper convicted of letters against the Spanish monarchy on February 16, 2021 – Photo: Nacho Dos / Reuters

In addition to the Catalan capital, Mozas reports unrest in at least two other nearby cities: Lloyd’s, Vic. The glass of Vix’s police station shattered.

The rapper was arrested on Tuesday at the University of Lloyd’s, 150 kilometers from Barcelona. There he set up a barricade with a group of followers.

“Victory will be ours. Without forgetting or forgiving,” he said at the time of his arrest. Hours ago, he published lyrics and lyrics on a social network.

More than 200 artists have signed a document against the rapper’s arrest, including film director Pedro Almodavar, actor Javier Bardem and singer Joan Manuel Zerath.

After the arrest of the rapper on February 16, 2021, a masked man puts up a barricade on the streets of Barcelona – Photo: Nacho Dos / Reuters

Last week, the Spanish government announced that it would amend the 2015 law to glorify armed groups and insult the monarchy and religions.

With the reform, the sentences will be lighter, and legal action will only be taken if the public order is endangered or provokes violent behavior.

The ETA was dissolved in 2018 after four decades of violent campaigns for independence from the Basque Country, a region in northern Spain.

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