Barbarian 1×01 wolf and eagle with episode review

Barbarian 1x01 wolf and eagle with episode review

Summary of the episode Barbarians 1×01: “The Wolf and the Eagle”

We would like to write that the new Netflix series Barbarian has actually become the German Viking. But that is a lie. Instead of a realistic history series, we get an artificial theater …

Netflix is ​​now releasing the Barbarians! However, they do not seem to be really rough and realistic, but rather fresh from cosmetics. Also, there are dirty Romans who ran to the nearest costume shop right after the Latin LK to borrow the colorful armor, so they are not allowed to get dirty. Almost everything about the new German in-ha production of the streaming service is overdone! Fortunately, the majestic lines of the conversation often make you roll your eyes, so you don’t have to look at everything anyway.

You can tell how the producers wanted to imitate the Vikings and did not understand what makes a successful historical series so special: Cruelty and Niguism. There is also cruelty among the Barbarians, but in this country it seems inappropriate for any other theatrical style to be stuck again and again.

The script is from Shocks Runner duo Arne Nolting and John Martin Sharf, who co-wrote the Vox Drama Club of Red Ribbons and participated in the Cobra 11 – Die Autoban Policy alarm. The first four episodes of the six-part opening season were produced by Austrian tattoo director Barbara Eder. The services of the Irishman Steve St. Lager were secured for the end of the Tutorberg Forest and the Great War, which once served as a model for the Vikings. Can he straighten a failed start to the end?

Starring David Shotter (Eight Days) as a non-Ragner Folkwin and Jean Gourzard (Teacher) as a non-Lagerta Tuselda. Lawrence Roop plays Arminius, a German folk hero. Meanwhile, the Italian is allowed to portray Guitano Aronica as the villain, while Bernard Schottz plays the tribal father of Segastus.

what’s the matter?

The story takes place in AD 9. Now in eastern Westphalia, the Varus and Roman allies are persecuting the Cherasi tribe. Compulsory tributes are raised again and again, so that the oppressed are threatened with starvation. However, the German people could not defend themselves against the superpowers of the south, especially since their tribes were enemies of each other. Even so, it was difficult for the proud barbarians to kneel before Rome. In a symbolic act, Folk and Tuselda lovers steal a Roman eagle standard, which has deadly consequences …

Varus sends his German adopted son Armenius to avenge the bloodshed. So the pilot episode carries the beautiful headlines of Wolf and Adler – yet his childhood friends are somehow both twin agents who only call him Ari. At first Falcon and Tuselda see him primarily as a traitor, because neither he nor she doubts that he will soon become the immortal freedom fighter Herman and regard the Roman Empire as one of the most painful defeats of all time. If you see a spoiler in it, you may not have noticed at school.

The war is the great end of the barbarians working for everything. Here comes the crucial moment for Netflix to prove that the German Series Forge has reached operating temperature in the meantime. In fact, at the end of the first season, depending on how successful it is, the last one will not heat up. The Whites director, St. Leger, fought a fierce battle in the Tutorberg Forest – even if he could have done it without the constant slow motion sequences and lame voice over. Leading actress Gomez also blossoms into the storyline, and only her unwanted love triangle is blocked.


The Barbarians are better than the worst over time, but still suffer from the weaknesses of the German series to the end: the dialogue, direction and acting are exaggerated everywhere. As an outsider, one gets the impression that the alleged producers of the Earth series of poets and thinkers always take themselves a little more seriously, while their American colleagues mainly want to be entertained. The makers of the Vikings knew they should or should not think of Goethe on stage, but keep the world of the Vikings alive in an attractive way. It is clear from the lack of humor in their works that Germany tends to be a little higher in this regard. A period play does not have to be a sitcom, but of all the pathos, some humor is definitely welcome. Then the characters will not be so bored.

But before we lose ourselves in unjust prejudices, I want to say something good about the Barbarians: You may feel that everyone involved wants to create something bigger. This paint-up energy on set may always be directed in the wrong direction, but in general it’s definitely a good thing. Don’t be fooled by the fact that Netflix wants to give its young members a short history. Especially since the audience was forced to read the subtitles, the Romans only spoke Latin, which is historically accurate. “Rome spoke, and the case was over.

If you have problems with German dialogues, you can view the whole thing in a foreign language if needed. In fact, the series looks more confident when you watch it in English or French. In the meantime, the opening scene from “Barbarians” should be omitted as soon as it is over.Gladiator“Look, because this comparison brings a lot of things to light. It is clear who is in the shadows …

Finally, here it is Trailer Barbarians to Netflix Series:

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