Barack Obama confuses Scotland and Ireland during his speech at COP26

Barack Obama confuses Scotland and Ireland during his speech at COP26

Former US President Barack Obama confuses Scotland and Ireland and then quotes the famous English playwright William Shakespeare during his speech at COP26. “Because we are in the Emerald Islands, I can quote William Shakespeare’s board words,” Barack Obama told a UN conference in Glasgow, Scotland, on November 8. “He writes, a wound that never heals except by degrees?” “Othello,” the former head of state announced, citing the tragedy.

However, Brock Obama seems to have brushed his brushes. The Emerald Isle is a popular name given to Ireland, an island nation located in the Mole Sea, 12 miles from Scotland. In Scotland – where COP26 takes place – if Shakespeare is an Englishman often referred to as “Bard” – “Bard” is a title often used to refer to the Scottish poet Robert Burns.

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See below for the full text of his speech. These errors will appear within about 45 minutes of the clip.

Those who saw the speech did not miss his mistakes, and many Scots mocked the former US president on social media. “A small part of me died when Obama said we’ve been here in the Emerald Islands.” Mandy Rhodes tweeted, Editor-in-Chief of the Edinburgh-based news magazine Holyrood Daily.

Internet users also lamented Barack Obama’s pronunciation of “GLAZ-gao” instead of “GLAZ-goh”.

Throughout the remainder of his speech, the former head of state spoke enthusiastically about resolving the climate crisis. “Our planet has been wounded by our actions. These wounds may not heal today or tomorrow, but they may be in degrees,” said a former White House resident.

“If we start with that in mind, I believe we can secure a better future if each of us can resist the occasional frustration and fear, and if we are committed to doing our part and fulfilling those commitments,” he said. We have to do it, and what a deep and glorious mission we are setting ourselves up for, ”he concluded.

Original version: Bill Bostock / Insider

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