Banki confirms that the new artwork is his work

Banki confirms that the new artwork is his work

Banksy confirmed that he was behind the new artwork after posting a picture of a mural of a little girl on his Instagram account.

The piece appeared Tuesday on a wall in the corner of Rothouse Avenue in Lenton, Nottingham.

The “Hula-Hoop” girl, known as the Black and White Spray, depicts a girl playing with a bicycle tire while a real bike with a missing tire lying next to her.

People began to wonder if this art was a real bank, and some experts in the city doubted its origins, with Echers, a street artist, even claiming it was their work.

Banksy himself confirmed that the image was his own as he unveiled the image on his official official Instagram page.

Surinder Karr, 42, who runs a beauty salon near the artwork, said the bike appeared to be similar to the mural.

She said the council quickly saved it by installing clear plastic sheeting within hours.

I have already sprayed paint vandals on top of the plastic two or three times.

“Everyone is so excited, so many people come to see the film,” Miscarr said.

“Everyone was confused as to whether it was real or not, but it’s a wonderful picture, it’s amazing art.”

The artwork depicts a girl playing with a hula hoop with a bicycle tire, while a real bike with the missing tire lying next to her

Bangkok’s “split parliament”, which includes houses of parliament full of chimpanzees, sold for $ 9.9 million last year, setting a new record for his work on the Valuation website.

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Many of his murals were lifted from the walls and kissed. Kissing coppers – a picture of two male police officers hugging at the edge of a Brighton pub – sold for $ 350,000 in 2011.

Miscarr said: “Unfortunately I have no property and I am renting it out.

“He brought the bike with him – the bike has one tire, the other tire is the little girl’s hula hoop in the picture.”

Ms Curr said a lot of people come to her salon to ask about the mural, but they are not yet sure if it will boost her business.

“Let’s see – I’m not sure about anything right now,” she said.

Tessa O’Connor, 46, and her daughter Lamara-Grace O’Connor, 4, first visited street art after the bank confirmed that street art was her work.

Nottingham City Council erected a perfection screen around the work

Tessa said: “I knew it from the news and on social media, and when I found out where it was, I couldn’t believe it. My grandmother used to live here and I grew up here.

“It simply came to our notice then. It was a shame that people insulted me, but I’m glad I cleaned it up

“You have to be able to appreciate it. I love it – especially since my daughter claims it is hers. ”

Daniel Ahmed, a 23-year-old student at the University of Nottingham, lives on the same street as the work.

He said: “I didn’t see the big thing when I first saw it, but now I understand.

“I think it’s great. It’s sad that the paint comes out of it – you don’t understand why you want to ruin it.

Dozens of people have visited the work of art since the international artist confirmed his work

“It simply came to our notice then. It makes us a little happier because we can’t go out now or do more. ”

Police arrived at the scene on Saturday morning to make sure the work was not disrupted and that the crowd was keeping a social distance.

In July, a corona virus-inspired Banksy artwork appeared on a London tube train.

If wearing masks, sneezing or holding a sanitizer by hand was done with a bunch of rats around a cart, you should not mask, you will not get.

Transportation to London quickly removed this part in line with its anti-graffiti policy, but said: “We appreciate the feeling of encouraging people to cover their faces.”

This summer, Banksy used a sale of his artwork to fund a 30-meter motorboat to rescue migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean into Europe.

It is named after Louis Michael, a seventeenth-century French anarchist.

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