Bad times for science in America

Bad times for science in America

The slogan “Trust Science” is receding in the United States.

Through purely political reckoning, conservative regions declared themselves “before dying before vaccination” to a point where they were promoting or echoing the lies prevalent on social networks.

You can always reach for a bottle of anti-virus bleach Doctor Trump from his speech.

But do not forget that those who die are ordinary citizens. Because Trump, his family, members of his party’s legislature, or those in power in Republican states have already received doses.

The suspicion was caused by an open hostility to the immunogens. Anti-vaccines that have been on the sidelines are getting a welcome treat in conservative culture.

The states with the worst virus cases and the worst vaccination rates are Republicans

President Joe Biden, who celebrated the visionary Trump for accelerating serum production, failed to deliver on his promise to vaccinate 70% of adults by July 4th.

Ron Desantis, Governor of Florida, dreams of being elected Trumpism In 2024, he coined a phrase that summed up this new era, changing the family name of the country’s leading specialist against pandemic into a verb. “ Don’t fuse with my Florida ”. That is, Fucci does not ruin the festival for them. Science? No, thank you.

The effect is mainly due to the celebrations on July 4, a significant increase in infections, especially among young people, when many are singing the praises of success. Which area is most affected by the delta variant? Bingo, Florida.

Discuss the mask again

The mask came on, not wanting to go. Los Angeles County, the most populous country in California and the country with ten million inhabitants, has been required to wear a mask in public places since last Saturday, whether or not it has been vaccinated. Health department officials took this step, which caused some confusion due to the increase in positives and hospitals. “This is not a punishment, it’s a question of prevention,” argued County Supervisor Hilda Solis. There are still four million citizens who have not been vaccinated, many of whom are young, ”he added. Elsewhere, they are beginning to accept the recommendation to use this protection. Given the return of the Delta variant, few experts warn that the order to wear the mask was taken prematurely.

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Last Friday, there were 79,310 positives in the US, more than anywhere else in the world. This increase is consistent with October data, which occurs in 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The percentage of people vaccinated against the disease is very low. Most people who are hospitalized and die are not vaccinated.

“The only epidemic we don’t have is disappearing,” Biden said in a statement last week. However, one of the president’s statements went beyond that: “They are killing people,” referring to social media and spreading lies about vaccines.

Lightning, thunder, lightning. Facebook’s provocation (accusing the government of using them as victims) does not exceed the provocation from the far-right media. Fox’s White House correspondent Peter Doosey accused the government of “espionage” (can you call it espionage when comments are made public?) At a press conference by spokesman Jean Zaki.

Twelve users of the above platform are responsible for 65% of anti – vaccine lies, according to the Executive Director of Health. He did so after Vivek Murthy explained.

These include infertility, “magnetizing” or interaction with 5G cell towers.

“We still see a lot of misinformation circulating online, and we know this misinformation is detrimental to public health,” Murthy told CNN this Sunday. In his opinion, lies “attack freedom and our ability to decide our interests and family.”

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