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Backlash Over Studio ‘Disappointed’

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Warner Bros.

Movie bosses at Warner Bros. apologize to the disabled community and apologize for disturbing people with the portrayal of unnamed characters.

AceShowbiz – Warner Bros. officials apologize after condemning the portrayal of nominal characters by prominent figures in the disabled community.Witches“.

In film, inspiration Roald DollChildren’s novel of the same name, Ann HathawayThe character is represented by hands with unusually similarity through the limbs, which are characterized by the absence of one or more central numbers on the hand or foot.

When contacted by filmmakers, Paralympians and Paralympic Games officials, Warner Bros. executives told Deadline that the depiction of fictional characters in “The Magician” would be “extremely unfortunate” for those with disabilities.

“In adopting the original story, we worked with designers and artists to bring a new interpretation of the cat-like claws described in the book,” she added.

“Viewers should never feel that stunning, inhuman creations are meant to represent themselves.”

British Paralympic swimming Amy Maran One of the first people to call the studio for imaging was a disability lawyer Shannon Crossland The image on the image is “not a reflection of the original novel written by Roald Dahl,” he said on Instagram.

In his 1983 novel, Maran adds that witches have “square feet without toes” and “nails instead of fingers”, “This is the message we want to pass on to the next generation. Three fingers is a witch’s attribute?”

“It’s an extremely damaging film,” she said. “Disability should not be associated with evil, abnormality, hatred, fear or monsters.”

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