Back to work, Green Pass Agreement for Company Canteens –

Back to work, Green Pass Agreement for Company Canteens -

There is no agreement between the companies and the trade unions about the establishment Green pass to enter workplaces. So the ball goes back to the government and it is up to them to decide whether to go ahead with the stretch Liability by law, For school staff, assigned to other categories. However, yesterday, he ended his meeting with trade unions and business associations with Labor Minister Andrea Orlando and Health Minister Roberto Speranza, making it clear that he intends to expand the liability of the Green Pass already introduced for access to restaurants. To company canteens, not only open to the public, but also reserved for employees only. These explanations came exactly at the end of the meeting, following requests to clarify the same unions in the order law passed by the Council of Ministers on Thursday. So, in an interesting situation, for now, you are not obligated to have a Green Certificate (Vaccination, Recovery or Negative Swab Certification) to enter the workplace, but to go to the canteen. So workers who do not have a green pass can enter the company, but they must go out to eat or bring their own food. CISL Confederate Secretary Angelo Colombini, who attended the meeting, needs to clarify a situation. Neither CGIL leader Mauricio Landini nor UIL’s Pierpolo Bombardieri like such an expectation, as it is tantamount to introducing half of the workers’ green pass obligation, at least to everyone who eats in the company canteen. This is a clear contradiction, which raises major management issues, Bombardieri says. But this is not the only difference between government and business.

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Fear of trade unions

After a significant number of CGIL and Cisl, Prime Minister Mario Draghi met with the unions a few days ago to see if an agreement between the community partners could be grounded in introducing a green pass in the workplace. Uyil suggested Orlando and Speranza make an effort, this time with business associations around the table. But it was useless. Ministers found themselves in the middle of two fires: Confindustria and other associations, on the one hand, favor the introduction of the Green Pass, and on the other, the unions oppose it. Or rather: not ready to accept it. The obligation of the Green Pass to enter the workplace may not be of a contractual nature, but a law is required, for compulsory vaccines, Landini reiterated. Union leaders are hiding behind this stance Fearing that companies would want to get a free hand on the mandatory green pass in the reorganization of workDepending on the recovery and the need to increase production, the Green Pass may be appropriate to loosen safety regulations (masks, distance, sanitization), but instead the liability for certification by law should remain the same even if the government decides, Bombardieri said.

To the rule of law

Ultimately, the latter was discussed at the meeting and the unions and companies split and split over who should give the tampon. Workers who cannot or do not want to be vaccinated can actually only enter the bar (15-20 euros each). Mauricio Stirp, vice president of Confindustria, immediately shook hands and made it clear that the companies could not take on its responsibility. The unions responded: not even the workers, especially from the state in charge. As the saying goes: Pay the treasury. Trade Associations, Sector The Green Pass obligation to sit inside restaurants and bars has already been activated, Given the fact that companies find it difficult to find employees during the summer, they demanded that the certification of workers in the same structures be made as gradual as possible. Co-operatives aim to extend the Green Pass to social assistance operators and more to the public. The decision goes back to the government. We need to integrate health and economy. We will do this by continuing the conversation, says Orlando.

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