Back to the office, schools to reopen: Why September will be a stress test for Covid

Back to the office, schools to reopen: Why September will be a stress test for Covid

Ffp2 is mandatory on all modes of transport till September 30

It’s also worth remembering that Ffp2 will continue to be mandatory on public transport (trains, trams, buses, subways) after masks are stopped on planes. September 30. Mandatory use of masks in hospitals and RSAs has been extended till the end of this month.

No mask at school

And then there’s the unknown element of returning to class, where, according to clues developed by the ISS, No more obligation to wear a mask For students, but only for vulnerable (employees and students) who are at risk of Ffp2 serious illness. It is necessary to monitor whether the abandonment of masks leads to an increase in infection.

The vaccines variants were updated in September

The issue of new vaccinations to address potential further waves cannot be ignored. The race for new anti-Covid vaccines has been on for a while. Although the epidemic curve is now steepening, as many experts predict, work has already begun on the autumn campaign to protect the vulnerable in case of another large wave. The European pharmaceutical agency EMA is set to approve new bivalent vaccines in September, meaning they are capable of provoking an immune response against the original so-called Wuhan virus as well as the omicron sub-variants. It will be clarified soon whether it will be given to those above 50 years or above 60 years of age.

New rules are coming soon in Light Quarantine

September should be the month to try out the new rules (we’ve been talking about it for weeks now) coming to quarantine for less time. Today, after a positive swab, at least seven days must pass before returning to freedom, if another test determines that one is negative. But many people on Omicron 5 experienced no or mild symptoms and tested positive after a few days. The rules should change like this: Those without symptoms for 48 hours and a swab done by a pharmacy, ASL or doctor in any case is negative, can immediately exit isolation.

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