Back to school 2022: what’s new at Quimper’s middle and high schools – Quimper

Back to school 2022: what's new at Quimper's middle and high schools - Quimper

  • 1 entire teaching staff

  • Difficulties in recruiting teachers made headlines this summer, but Quimper’s public schools do not appear to be affected by the problem. “The team has gradually formed”, welcomes Alain Blavec, director of Le Paraclete High School. Divan Jacques-Rio, St. Therese, St. Jean-Baptiste, La Sabliere… The private sector is generally full. Like the public in Max-Jacob’s image. Its principal, Alain Troyel, welcomes the arrival of a new professor of mathematics, English and biotechnology, as well as deputy principal Lucie Thirian.

  • 2 An expected return from school trips

  • Calm return to school amid Covid pandemic gives hope to teaching teams: could it signal a return to school trips? Erwan R. Ber, director of Dewan College, wants his fourth-graders to be able to spend the week at the American Village (50) in La Mazur. There are also plans to stay in the German region of Lusatia and the Basque Country, a destination that Bryceux’s high school students can also choose from. The first and last of this institution will benefit from a trip to Ireland, Seattle in the United States or Germany with the return of the exchange. The St. Therese group intends to “reactivate its travels” in Ireland, Spain, but also Japan and Cuba.

  • There is no shortage of 3 construction sites

  • Saint-Jean-Baptiste College is completing its new “mini-gallery”, which will allow the exhibition of works produced by students, but also by external artists. The institution plans to open an exhibition on the Fridays before each school vacation. At Paraclete, the desire to renovate the sports hall comes up against the difficulty of finding a company to do the masonry work. After the opening of the scientific building in 2021, it is an opportunity to renovate the historic spaces of the “Vieux Brizeux”. A new student center will see the light of day with plans to create music rooms, gymnastics and gymnastics. Quiet corners of more than 500 m². Another major change, this time at St. Therese High School: an agora near the main entrance, which students can use for activities or discussion time.

  • 4 Global stable workforce

  • “They call all the time to register! », comments Alain Troyel from the Max-Jacob College. 480 students will return to the institution and this is growing. Last June, the academic management had assessed that it was necessary to open a sixth class class to meet the demand. Good news for teachers and a decision that, according to the college’s principal, “rewards the efforts of the college”. Elsewhere, the numbers are fairly stable. On the other hand, we recorded a drop for St. Therese High School, which had an enrollment of 770 to 700 students. “We are returning to our standards”, judges its director Benoît Taneau.

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