Back to School 2021, Kovid-19: Two Weeks Before Resumption Here is the detailed health protocol

Back to School 2021, Kovid-19: Two Weeks Before Resumption Here is the detailed health protocol

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On September 2, children and teens will return to school benches. On July 28, the Ministry of National Education published a list of health measures to be observed in schools.
But for many parents, this return to school, unlike any other, is still unclear. Decryption.

The start of the 2021 academic year is fast approaching. Now in two weeks, students will be back on their way to school. A special comeback in this context of the health crisis, with the inevitable restrictions on the fight against the spread of the virus.

On July 28, the Ministry of National Education on Thursday unveiled new measures that will take effect from the beginning of the school year. September 2.

A variable health protocol

What will be the epidemic situation in the fall? This is very uncertain. From this point of view, it includes the health protocol that will be implemented immediately in schools Four degree levels.

Thus, at the national or local level, measurements may vary from one level to another, depending on the epidemic situation assessed at a given time.

New health protocol effective September 2.

Wearing a mask, for whom?

  • Level 1: Mandatory in-house mask for all students From college
  • Level 2: Mandatory in-house for all students From elementary school
  • Levels 3 and 4: Mandatory indoors + outdoors for all students from elementary school

Contact, vaccination, and class closure cases

  • In primary schools, Classes will be closed for 7 days from the first case of Kovid-19.
  • In middle and high schools, a Distinguish between vaccinated and non-vaccinated adolescents. Students who have not been vaccinated, identified as contact cases, have to follow their courses remotely for 7 days, while those with a complete vaccination schedule can come to class.

Canteens and physical and sports activities

  • The Canteens should be open Regardless of health status, as a last resort, students are more likely to eat.
  • The Physical and physical activities up to level 3 will be allowed indoors, They only do this when they reach level 4 in the outdo tool.
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