Back to Mac – Connor McGregor’s path to consolidating his UFC legacy

Back to Mac - Connor McGregor's path to consolidating his UFC legacy

Costi McGregor is set to return to Octagon in January as he prepares to take on Dustin Porrier.

But as the infamous man has already voiced his desire to reclaim the UFC lightweight title and consolidate his legacy, there are many ways to do it.

Many believe he can go straight to the title film with the company’s top draw, victory over Pourier in the New Year – and he’s committed to completing the ‘season’ he promised earlier this year.

But as many competitors boast claims for a title fight, there are some different situations.

Throwing in Khabib Nurmagomedov’s retirement mix last month, McGregor’s path to UFC gold became even clearer.

Who can Connor McGregor face on his return to UFC, which will help cement his legacy as one of the greatest in UFC history:

Dustin Pourier

Dustin Pourier

It has already been confirmed that this is the mouth-watering competition of their 2014 collision. A perfectly suitable way for him to return, which also gives McGregor a rigorous examination of his credentials.

A win can turn a few heads and get a title shot.

Raphael Dos Anjos

Raphael Dos Anjos, Conor McGregor

Another explosion from the old one, McGregor had to face the former lightweight champion in 2016 before the injury. McGregor indicated his desire to fight Brazil last week.

While Dos Anjos finished sixth in the lightweight division, it was a struggle to overtake him if he didn’t have a title shot after the Pourier victory.

Justin Geith

This is the fight that the fans want, and it will be like burning a barn.

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It will take some time before Geitz returns after losing to Khabib last month, but he will still be firmly in the picture as the latest interim champion.

Normagomedov keeps his word at retirement, McGregor can face the American for the UFC lightweight title.

What a struggle that will be!

Tony Ferguson

Tony Ferguson in the fight against Justin Geith

El Chuchu is not firmly on the losing side until Khabib May Getzge emerges as a canceled president, in the UFC lightweight title film; Ferguson needs a win in his picks before he can argue wherever he is in the gold.

He is preparing for a match in January against the recently signed Michael Chandler, from someone who wants to see a future competitor.

In an imaginary situation where McGregor defeats Goethe to become champion, Ferguson could be his first defense.

In the absence of Khabib, McGregor is likely to challenge four top contenders.

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Conor McGregor and Khabib Narmagomedo

The most likely but attractive circumstance to emerge from a possible Connor McGregor revival is that it will bring the Eagle out of the shadows.

After their bitter 2018 match and the subsequent fall, the main reason McGregor did not play again was that he did not win.

If McGregor speeds up and takes the title, the Russian may return to regain the belt he never lost from his greatest enemy.

Their first fight broke UFC records and we have no doubt a match will knock them out of the water.

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