“BAC Nord” does not defend any camp “, interview with Gilles Loloche

"BAC Nord" does not defend any camp ", interview with Gilles Loloche

This interview was conducted in December 2020.

Ten years ago, we wrote about Gilles Lellucci, who, whatever this quality is, is instantly human, sensitive and earthly. This is still true, but we do not think so. Meanwhile, there was the success of “Grand Bain”, its Good movie In a swimsuit, in the production of the first solo and in the success of “Pupil”, as a simple actor, he became a mother’s family helper. Two films that denied a misconception: Hetero-Buff’s picture on the forehead, his friend Jean Dujardin’s badly sided shadow, and many of them confused him with the characters “Little Machi Choirs” and “Infidels”.

Generous, Bone Active, Curiosity about everything and others are adjectives that often come up about him. The enemy of loneliness, Gilles Lellouch has the spirit of an army. Would his good friend have been right about his artistic choices for so long? He has vampired the roles given to him since he was revealed as his best friend in the 2005 film “My Life is in the Air”. As if his good-natured animosity predicted him to play cops (“Mia Culpa”) and thieves (“Messrin”, “La French”).

Mention “BAC Nord” very well

From his father, Claude Loloch, a black-footed Jew who changed his job and shirt (can’t figure it out), he learned to go backwards. He inherited it from Bretton’s mother, who had a short singing career

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