Azure in the playoffs, opponents, and how it works-

Azure in the playoffs, opponents, and how it works-
From Alessandro Bochi, Ambassador of Belfast

The sterile domination of the Assyrians, who never found a decisive blow, easily resisted the Irish wall. Mancini’s team will now have to play for a pass to the World Cup in the March playoffs

The team that won the European Championship four months ago, regaining 17 places in the FIFA rankings, and the team that has lost just one of 41 games in the last three years, will need to qualify for the World Cup play-offs in Qatar. Roulette at the end of March. On the night of July 11th, with a cup in hand and a bright future, no one could have imagined such a bitter end. Rather the strict rule of the field.

Draw without a goal A tombstone from the Titanic’s shipyard on the lawn of Windsor Park The deadly epilogue to the Blue Attack. When Switzerland trimmed Bulgaria by four goals, overtaking a left-handed man in the final corner, Italy, exhausted, gray, without play, without ideas, did not break through the green wall of Ireland. You must score to win. We do not even come close. N, initial choice, n middle forwards Bolotti and Skamaka with light Tridentino. Our opponents get better opportunities: At the age of 90, Donarumma was able to deflect the shots of Saville and Bonucci without fail, saving Washington’s shot on the line.

But if the World Cup slips out of our hands, this is not just a stupid draw. Italy loses after European Championship, Plunged into the darkness of the draw, four of the five in the qualifying round. We condemn the penalties wasted by Giorgino against Switzerland in Basel and the Olympics, and the 1-1 loss to Bulgaria in September. We are condemned by the insane intrusion into play, determination, intensity and lightness. The magic is gone.

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Mancini now has four months to rearrange his ideas. A look forward to bringing us back to the ruined playoffs of 2017 against Sweden. This time it will be more difficult to find Ronaldo’s Portugal, Ibrahimovic’s Sweden or Lewandowski’s Poland. This will not happen in the park. Italy of the European Championship can do it, and it will be more difficult to fight this fall of despair.

Belfast’s bad night coach picks Light tridentine Aiming to take advantage of the speed and surprise the Irish giants. But in moderation. Lack of insertions, short play and fast on exchanges. Italy is ready, but flat Even its most talented players gave up. Thanks to Berardi’s counterattack with de Lorenzo at the start and at the end of the first half, the Insane once badly squandered the area. And nothing more. Tridentine does not work much and does not surprise the Irish giants. Berardi is focused on making room for De Lorenzo’s lunch, while the cheese on the opposite track is never triggered, while Tonley allows himself to be conditioned with a yellow card after a good start and is replaced by Kristan at half time. Jorge Gino misses out on penalty kick against Switzerland. Even the untouchable Brazilian alternates within 70 minutes, a sign of time and crisis. There is a lack of places and the Assyrians cannot find them. No proper energy. Peacock-Farrell ended the first half with harmless shots from Insane and Cheese. There are very few who have to turn the game on their side.

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The recovery is more complicated for smaller Italy The news comes from Lucerne that Switzerland is scoring repeatedly. The Blues don’t even shoot at the goal. Even twin strikers Bellotti and Skamaka, Mancini tries them all. 0-0 void on pitch and spirit. And it takes us back in time.

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