Award-winning photo of a widowed penguin comforted by city lights | Nature

Award-winning photo of a widowed penguin comforted by city lights |  Nature

The year 2020 created a lot of very strong and powerful images.

But in a Marine photo contest Australia, The public decided to reward a close-up and simple portrait of two widowed penguins who seem to comfort themselves by embracing while viewing the urban landscape on the horizon.

The winning record at the Ocean Photography Awards, organized by Oceanographic Magazine, was set by German photographer Tobias Bumgertner in Melbourne.

Two penguins in his opinion They recently lost their friends and embraced near a colony of about 1,400 fairy penguins., The smallest penguin species with an average height of only 33 cm. Population is monitored by volunteers.

“A volunteer approached me and told me that the white woman was an old woman who had lost her partner and that the youngest male penguin on the left was like that,” B ബm Mർട്ട്gertner wrote on Instagram.

“After that, they meet regularly, comforting each other and watching the dancing lights of the city for hours.”

The photographer passed Three nights with the Penguin Colony before this photo was taken.

Initially, he intended to capture an image that “shows the pressure that human development is having on the wildlife population,” but he realized that he could go beyond that.

“When the little penguins are constantly moving and rubbing behind each other and not being able to use or allow light, it is very difficult to get a chance,” he said. “But I was lucky in a beautiful moment.”

See the winners and finalists for the other five categories Ocean Photography Awards Or on the award profile.

Below is a picture of a large group of rays found off the coast of Mexico that won the 2020 Photographer of the Year award presented to Canadian Nadia Ali.

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