Aveyron: The Aubrac variety thrives despite difficult circumstances

Aveyron: The Aubrac variety thrives despite difficult circumstances

The Aubrac Union held its general meeting at Antireux in Cantal. Highlight: The Obrac breed crosses the 250,000 head mark.

The Obrac Union recently held its general meeting in Antireux, Cantal. An opportunity for Yves Chassany, its president, to discuss the context “Burning in a drought and very complicated with the Russia-Ukraine conflict.” Added to this is the capitalization of weanling cattle and the resulting supply shortage.

Despite this, the Obrac breed is still doing well, passing the milestone of 250,000 cows in the national territory (official figures for June 2022). The recent sales at the Sainte-Chely-d’Aubrac judging station bear witness to this success and this enthusiasm. The union in charge of the herd-book of the Obrac breed is pleased to have 670 members and 44,500 qualified cows, which means five Obrac cows are monitored and monitored in selection. “Stay in control of our data”. Like the management of the Bulldog gene in relation to Auriva cooperative and Aveyron Labo. The development of the breed outside the cradle (Aveyron, Cantal, Lozère) requires reflection to maintain proximity as services and advice. Especially since Claude Miquel, commercial and Florence Boldoir are leaving the economic interest grouping. With the retirement announced, new management is on the way to a new organization to support the success of the breed. This is evidenced by the request from Spain to join the selection program and other countries such as Switzerland and Ireland.

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