“Authentic images”, here are the aliens – Libero Quotidiano

"Authentic images", here are the aliens - Libero Quotidiano

A video that seems to really dispel doubts: There are aliens among us. The last encounter was filmed during a military exercise U.S. Navy, Off the coast of San Diego. Video circulated Jeremy Corbel, Shows a globe closely related to the USS warship USS Omaha, a well-known researcher and documentary maker of such phenomena.

This is the second video about the unexplained facts that occurred during the July 2019 exercise. The ship’s crew recorded the pictures The Pentagon confirms that this is an authentic video.

The video also shows a small circular object flying over the ocean, which suddenly recedes after some evolution. You can hear a voice in the video: “Look, it’s coming … now it’s sinking!”

Louis “Lou” ElizondoSaid a former Pentagon service official who used his credentials to study Pentagon documents related to unknown flying objects. New York Post UFOs can also travel underwater in space and in the sky.

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Strictly speaking, the suspicious video was filmed using a smartphone Fight Information Center A special category that is subject to maximum security regulations that do not allow even ships and cell phones. Jeremy Corbel was added to the Fox 8 station, and then, a submarine searched the UFO deep in the ocean but could not find it.

Movie Tutorials Includes three warships Coming from the San Diego area: There will be multiple records of the intrusion of flying objects, which would have long followed the units of stars and stripes. A logbook also states that an unknown flying object followed a destroyer for ninety minutes in a row.

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