Austrian women’s basketball qualifier against Russia in European Championship qualifier


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For the first time in this millennium, the Austrian women of basketball will qualify for the European Championships. On the way to the 2023 final Eurobasket women from Slovenia and Israel compete in Group F against Russia, Montenegro and Denmark. The first matches will be played in November. This will continue in November next year and in February 2023.

Team boss Hubert Schmid responded that Russia is clearly a group favorite. The three-time European champion (2003, 2007, 2011) finished sixth in the recent finals. “Let’s wait to meet the best players.”

“Place above Austria” is Montenegro, Schmidt continued. The group rival placed the youngest Eurobasket women in twelfth place. Team Bose said his choice is to compete with Denmark, his first opponent in November. In the first home game, Montenegro will visit the Austrians in about two and a half months.

Basketball Austria Heron vs Switzerland, Cyprus and Ireland
Basketball Austria Heron Eurobasket The path to 2025 begins with the first round of pre-qualification. Austria Group A will face Switzerland, Cyprus and Ireland in a draw on Friday in Friesing. If the promotion is uming, there are up to two pre-qualifications before EM tickets arrive from 2023.

Ten teams participate in the first round. Austria is in the only pool with four teams. All three group winners are the best – the second advance. “Our goal is to reach the top two.”

The first matches will take place from November 25 to 28. This will continue in February and June 2022.

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Basketball Austria: Strategy books as an Olympic timetable
In its strategy books, the Austrian Basketball Association is committed to the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris and the general sporting and structural development of nearly 1,000 pages. Despite the busy national team over the summer, ÖBV has prepared a timetable for the shortened Olympic three-year cycle in the form of analysis and implementation measures. The result is two books on “classic” 5-on-5 and 3 × 3 direction.

“Over the next few years of planning, several days and nights of brainwashing flowed into these two books,” says President Gerald Martens, whose team worked on two focal points, 5-for-5 and 3-3. . “We now have a sports association in the sports association – it’s great to see how one can benefit from the other. Over the next few years we will work harder on these integrations at all levels, and both types of games will benefit from this.

The goals formulated in the books are different: 5 out of 5 focus on establishing a new sports philosophy and further development of sports and organizational structures, gradually introducing European leading women and men. The 2024 Olympic Games in Paris are clearly targeted. After barely failing to qualify for Tokyo, this is the next logical goal – as funding agencies believe in modern-style play.

“Current government programs include promoting sports as a sport, and of course I’m a big fan of 3×3 basketball.” It will bear fruit – in the form of Olympic medals.

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