Attempts to copy the one-to-one model in the economy are doomed to fail

Attempts to copy the one-to-one model in the economy are doomed to fail

Saba newspaper correspondent Hundred GurIn its corner evaluated the new economic model discussions. Gur stated that each country has its own characteristics and unique conditions of the times.Therefore, attempts to copy a model will fail. Countries that learn from the examples of good countries and develop a model that suits their institutional, social and economic infrastructure are more likely to succeed.He said.

Gur, “This is exactly what Turkey needs to do.Says ” In his article Said:

There are things we need to benefit from mainstream (conservative) economic models and the teaching of heterodox economics. Not one, we need to examine all the successful countries. At the end of the day, we must put forward a model that is compatible with our own institutional, sociological and economic infrastructure. We need to firmly follow this model in a way that encompasses all stakeholders in the economy. The positive effects of such new model ventures on the economy can only be seen in the medium and long term. As with all models, establishing macroeconomic stability is a great need to achieve medium and long-term goals.

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