Attacks on LGBTQI values ​​in Gulf monarchies

Attacks on LGBTQI values ​​in Gulf monarchies

“Anti-gay sentiments show limits of liberal impulses in Gulf states”, A British newspaper headline on September 16 Financial Times, Teachers are being forced to respond to a new code of conduct imposed on schools in the United Arab Emirates “Avoid talking about gender identity, homosexuality and any other behavior deemed unacceptable by Emirati society”.

The new proposal creates confusion in English-speaking private schools with many teachers from the United Kingdom and Ireland. “Every time I go to class, I worry now,” A professor quoted by the paper testifies.

Homosexuals were thrown out

After the ban addressed to the Netflix streaming platform in early September, this “Last sign on arrival” In the Gulf monarchies of the discussion around questions of identity and gender. As explained Financial Times :

“Authorities there have liberalized alcohol and divorce laws to attract foreigners, but must also heed the concerns of (still) conservative ethnic Emiratis, who fear homosexuality will come at the expense of the decriminalized tower.”

Because multinational companies based in Dubai or Abu Dhabi are both Pvt

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