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Attacked by Ireland ... Parquets?  |  Science |  News |  The sun

IThis is the same type of collar parakeet (Citacus cramy), A few generations ago, it could only be observed in Africa and India. But it adapted well to the cold English climate from the 1980s, and later appeared in many large European cities.

Last on the list: Dublin, local bird watchers first reported the incident in January.

The “problem” is not just Europe now: more than 35 countries are growing in free roaming parakeet population, including Israel, Azerbaijan and the United States (especially in their southern part, from California to Florida). In fact, last year the New Scientist commented, “It is the greatest success of the invasive species.” Other than that, like any self-respecting aggressive creature, its success annoys others: parrots motivate birds to nest in trees, and are fierce competitors in fruit and nut competition. They will also be a burden to the agricultural sector in some areas.

This population is probably the descendant of a subspecies that occupied the Indian subcontinent. The early 19th century brought the English to the time of the Empire before the sun set, and some of the birds that escaped from their habitats did not survive until the colonies were permanently established in the 1960s. Spread across London from 1980 and later to Scotland. It can be assumed that the first population on the continent was the result of tourists bringing a family with them. Ornithologists now consider them to be a “synanthropic” species, one that is partially dependent on human survival: these birds take advantage of urban heat and feed.

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It is a species adapted to the tropical climate. Experts speculate that genetic selection took place at some point between the 1960s and 1980s, when the best fit for the common cold was passed on to their descendants. But soon, global warming will come and give them a kick …

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