Atomic Energy Disorder, Singolani Correction. Di Mayo and Sei with straight legs

Atomic Energy Disorder, Singolani Correction.  Di Mayo and Sei with straight legs

Roberto Cingolani InterviewedHuffpost At the exit of the Ambrosetti Forum in Cernobio, he participated in the International Panel on the Governance of Words Transformation, shortly after his speech. Nuclear. But Roberto Singolani weakens the controversy: “I have never made an opening in nuclear power: what do I open without technology? I find it confusing that I always think about certain topics. Someone said why I do not think about making reusable, but if I talk about the future I do not think about the present“.

The minister, who did not seem upset over the controversy, added:I think everyone is free to say whatever they want. I was speaking at an assembly of three hundred students in their twenties about the world energy situation. […] The future of 2100 was talked about because those children will become adults after 2050. If you do not talk to them about the future, who should you talk to?“Roberto Singolani denies that the fourth generation of nuclear weapons is legal, but resses it.”The United States, France and other countries are testing fourth-generation nuclear power and want to find out if it is safe. I do not understand where the opening is: I do not know where the opening is Technology?“.

Minister of State for Power Transformation was surprised by the fact “What to say to educated young people, we will evaluate whether we have generated random responses“. Then he continued:”Someone said why didn’t I think about doing this Renewable, But maybe he does not know what we are calling: if I am talking about the future, I am not thinking about the present.“The position of CEO of Enel is more communal, Francesco Stares, Expressed a clear “no” to the idea that Italy could return to nuclear power from Cernobio, not even the fourth generation, because “It’s not as new as it sounds“.

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Location of Alberto BombayPresident of Brembo Group: “The potential for exploitation of nuclear energy by fourth-generation plants is “a beautiful and exciting topic. If we focus on this project with a real follow-up, it will be a really interesting response. Congratulations to Minister Singolani.“.

Qualitiero Bassetti, Cardinal and President of the CEI, closed all possibilities: “Development is not always synonymous with progress“. as well as Luigi de Mayo Obstacles to any possible suggestions: “Syngolani? I count a lot on this explanation in the Conte del 14. Conte is well aware of our sensitivity. It is right for an army leader to clear the line. Fortunately, I have no news of any nuclear proposals from the government, otherwise I will definitely block it.“.

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