At the heart of the pumpkin harvest

At the heart of the pumpkin harvest

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In its 13-hour soap opera, JT teams take you behind the fall harvest. On Thursday, October 7, go to Ireland, where the pumpkin harvest is active as Halloween approaches.

In Ireland, autumn begins to capture the lush green landscape, slowly turning orange and bringing in cool winds. The perfect season to eat one of Irish’s favorite vegetables: The Pumpkin. In girly (Ireland), the vegetable is hidden under many leaves. A game of hide-and-seek begins between Tom Dillon, the pumpkin maker, and these vegetables. It takes about 20,000 pumpkins a month to harvest. “Now is the time to pick them up and sell them“, Refers to the producer who started his family harvest, which started several decades ago.

Many customers flock to Tom Dillon with his family to get a beautiful pumpkin to celebrate Halloween and access the pumpkin production area. “We will paint the pumpkin first, then put in a few erasersRaise the head above, and then we will dig them“A mother says the manufacturer teaches her how to dig her pumpkin well. It’s more of an Irish tradition than it seems. This tradition, which was brought to the United States after immigration, was started by the Celts.

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